Who ever thought there would be a day where our tax money would be used to fund the lifestyles of illegal aliens who are invading our country?

Probably even ten years ago, it would have seemed like a far-fetched idea but it’s happening in the United States right now thanks to the Democrats. And on a massive and unprecedented scale.

American taxpayers footing the bills for illegal aliens.

Yes, the Democrats are using YOUR tax dollars to house, clothe, educate and medicate illegal aliens. And that’s just some of what is happening. With Democrats running the country and in many of our largest cities, THIS is your new reality.

All over the country in Democratic leftist bastions, they are cutting YOUR services, like police, fire, garbage collection and many other things, and taking that money to make sure that illegal aliens are comfy and cozy. And they are spending billions.

Less services for Americans in order to feed and house illegal aliens.

In NYC alone, Democratic Mayor Eric Adams said that the illegal aliens could cost the city as much as $12 billion through 2025. And because of his spending of the foreigners, they have cut services to city residents including education and policing.

I bet you didn’t know that YOU are working hard every day to feed and house illegal aliens – both in other states and in your own community.

Taxpayer dollars are being funneled to foreigners.

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Your local tax money, if your community is run by Democrats, is most likely being funneled from your first responders and roads and animal control to take care of foreigners. And your homeless shelters and food pantries are being overrun.

Sorry Charlie (and Mrs. Charlie) but your local tax-payed government can’t help you anymore and neither can your local churches and non-profits. They’re too busy taking care of foreigners.

Democrats are also seizing our tax-funded parks and centers to house illegals.

The illegal-alien supporting Democrats are also commandeering your recreation centers, parks, airports, schools and other community facilities to house the illegal aliens in.

And most of the time, there is nothing that you can do about it.

Harlem says NO – not in our neighborhood.

However, in a Black neighborhood in Harlem they said, “NO!” when NYC thought it was going to put illegal aliens in an abandoned luxury apartment complex in their community. Many of the community members said they didn’t want it turned into a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens when there are people in their own area who need help.

Apparently, the Democrats don’t want to be voted out of office in that area because the community members are actually being listened to. In fact, the Dems have been so worried about the situation there that NYC Mayor Eric Adams even showed up to one of their community meetings promising that the building wouldn’t be used for illegal aliens and would, instead, be used to house local homeless New Yorkers.

Democrats, not wanting to be voted out, reversed course in Harlem.

Obviously, Adams doesn’t want to be voted out of his job either. So he’ll be looking for other locations to house the illegal aliens in where he might not get such a vocal and publicized pushback. Probably neighborhoods with a little more wealth and less minorities.

But Adams won’t stop spending billions on the illegal aliens in his city – and using NYC taxpayer dollars to do it.

Debit cards for illegal aliens – not for American veterans or citizens in need.

Apparently, Adams is also handing out debit cards to asylum seekers (illegal aliens) in a $53 million no-bid contract. A card can have up to $10K on it. This is TRUE INSANITY.

And in Boston, they are also spending plenty to house and feed the illegal aliens. The state is paying $64 a day for their food per person with the state having a no-bid contract for $10 million with a company providing meals.

A few million here, a few million there…

According to a CBS News investigation, the state of Massachusetts has 17 contracts for housing totaling more than $116 million.

Then, at the top of the illegal alien-supporting covert faction of the Democrat Party, we have the federal government’s Welcome Corps program where they get volunteer sponsors to make sure the refugees in the country get everything they need.

Biden program makes sure all the needs of illegal aliens are covered.

That includes, but is not limited to, housing, childcare, education, employment, financial support ($2,425 minimum), furniture, clothes, household goods, transportation, food, documents to stay in the country, health care, mental services and lots more.

Are the Dems running a nice, big helpful program like that to help American citizens in the country? One for our veterans, disabled or elderly? Nope. They don’t give a rat’s butt about them.

Instead, all of the leftists are working in unison – governments, non-profits, churches, NGOs (non- governmental organizations), private industries – to make sure that illegal aliens (future Democrat voters when they are given amnesty someday) get all of the benefits and resources that they need.

Americans are working hard all day to support future Democrat-voting illegal aliens.

So here’s the bottom line: Who pays for a lot of those resources in addition to the federal and state governments (us) who appropriate money for such things? That would be the non-profit organizations and the NGOs.

Where do they get their money? Grants from the state and federal governments (us again).

WE are paying for all of this, whether we want to or not. And there’s nothing that we can do about it as long as Biden is president and Democrats continue to get re-elected.