If the Supreme Court doesn’t rule 9-0 in favor of Trump in the Colorado ballot case then our country is more far gone than I thought.

Luckily, the U.S. Supreme Court seemed pretty unconvinced this week by the Colorado decision that booted Donald Trump off the state’s primary ballot during an epic verbal showdown on Thursday.

Things are looking bad for the democrats.

The vibe suggests the court is gearing up to drop the hammer and rule that Trump is free to run for president without any pesky constitutional obstacles. Some of the justices, even those with leftist leanings, got all worked up about the idea of letting states have a say in kicking candidates off ballots.

Democrats on CNN, of course, weren’t too happy about the goings-ons because they want Colorado to prevail 9-0 in the other direction against Orange Man Bad.

Chief Roberts seems to predict mayhem if Colorado prevails.

Chief Justice John Roberts, in his infinite wisdom, pondered the catastrophic consequences of going along with Colorado’s stance.

He envisioned a scenario where states start disqualifying candidates left and right, turning the presidential election into a wacky game of musical chairs with only a handful of states left to decide the fate of the nation.

Democrats convict Trump all by their lonesome.

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The case, dubbed Donald J Trump v Norma Anderson et al, started as a drama-fueled lawsuit by six Colorado voters last year, claiming Trump’s 14th Amendment eligibility was toast thanks to his shenanigans on January 6th – even though he’s been convicted of nothing and has only been charged with “insurrection” by the Dems and the leftist media – but no courts.

The 14th Amendment is the holy grail to Dems right now and they are holding on it it for dear life. It says that if you’re a Congress member or a U.S. officer and you swear to defend the constitution. But if you go and pull off an insurrection, you’re banned from the office. Unless, of course, Congress throws you a two-thirds lifeline.

The Colorado voters argued that Trump’s Capitol Caper made him unfit for federal office. After a five- day courtroom saga, a judge ruled Trump was guilty of insurrection but wasn’t technically an “officer of the United States.”

So, no need to pull him off the ballot, right?

Wrong. In a plot twist straight out of a daytime soap opera, the Colorado Supreme Court did a 180 in December, axing Trump from the ballot and dragging the whole circus in to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Leftist states waiting for the Supreme Court to make their decision so they can move forward.

This isn’t the first rodeo trying to kick Trump out of the ballot but only Colorado and Maine have mustered the courage to actually do it so far. However, a Maine judge, trying to keep the popcorn popping, told the secretary of state to hold off on giving Trump the boot until the big guns at the U.S. Supreme Court make a decision.

Michigan’s Democratic Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, is awaiting direction from the U.S. Supreme Court as well as other Democrats in the country who are chomping at the bit to disqualify the former president from running for president again.

If the justices decide to give Colorado the thumbs up, Trump won’t automatically get the boot nationwide, but you can bet there’ll be a stampede of challenges in state courts trying to disqualify him from the general election ballot faster than you can say “Make America Great Again.”

On the other hand, if the ruling goes in Trump’s favor, the language coming out of the Supreme Court had better be definitive so that others wanting to boot Trump from the ballot won’t be allowed to.

In a constitution system, the court would rule 9-0 in favor of Trump.

Despite the conservative superhero squad holding the majority in the Supreme Court (thanks to Trump’s nominations, of course), the outcome is hopefully as predictable as a reality TV show finale.

Although, if ALL the justices were actually following the Constitution – which rarely happens – the predictable outcome would be a 9-0 victory for Orange Man Bad.

Trump attorneys fight back.

Trump’s legal avengers have been painting a picture of an apocalyptic “chaos and bedlam” if they dare keep a top-tier presidential candidate away from the ballot. They’re throwing arguments at the justices like confetti at a victory parade, claiming the word “officer” doesn’t apply to the president and that Trump isn’t an insurrectionist.

In their manifesto to the Supreme Court, they passionately argue that in our “government of the people, by the people, (and) for the people,” it’s the American people – not those pesky courts or election officials – who should be picking the next Commander-in-Chief.

The left argues that Trump is an insurrectionist and a bad bad person who should be abolished from public life.

But hold on to your MAGA hats, because the Colorado voters, backed up by the left-leaning Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington crew, threw shade like it’s going out of style. They scoffed

at the idea that the 14th Amendment doesn’t cover the presidency and warn that letting Trump back in the presidential game is like handing a grenade to an oath-breaking insurrectionist.

After the Supreme Court got done hearing the oral arguments, Trump said in a press conference at Mar-a-Lago, “I just finished watching Supreme Court, you know, like to watch in many respects. It’s unfortunate that we have to go through the thing like that. I consider it to be more election interference by the Democrats that’s what they’re doing. Good news is we’re leading virtually every poll.”

Trump also called what happened in the court a “beautiful process” and said, “I hope that democracy in this country will continue.”

The Democrats don’t actually want “democracy” to prevail.

The Democrats, on the other hand, are hoping for the opposite and are a little miffed that their leftist justices might not help them get rid of Trump.

Joe Biden-nominated Supreme Court Democrat Ketanji Brown Jackson appeared a bit frustrated with Colorado attorney Jason Murray. She said that given the “ambiguity” of the 14th amendment as it relates to the President of the United States that perhaps the court should err “on the side of democracy.”

Yikes. She definitely stepped off the Democratic plantation on that one. “Democracy” is only allowed when it means that Democrats will be more easily voted into office. The word and concept is not one that the Democrat party actually believes in.