Our injustice system and pro-criminal mentality in the United States is getting out of control.

No bail for illegal aliens who assault a police officer? Really?

But it’s worse than that. The folks who ACTUALLY get tried and convicted for their crimes are NOT paying the price they should be paying.

In my opinion, if you kill someone, you stay in jail for life. No ifs, ands or butts.

And some crimes are worse than others i.e. trying to (and succeeding) in killing children is one of them.

Those people should not be let out of jail. They should not be paroled.

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But they are being released.

Men who kidnapped and buried a school bus of children are back on the streets.

One example is a crime from back in 1976 that’s called the “Chowchilla kidnapping.” Three men hijacked a school bus and kidnapped the driver and a whole school bus of children, ages 5 to 14-years-old.

They transferred the kids into vans and then buried them alive in a truck trailer below ground for ransom. Luckily, the kids, with the help of their bus driver, were able to get out of their “prison” before it was too late after being buried for 16 hours underground. However, many of them live with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Originally, the kidnappers were caught, convicted and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole – which is the correct sentence. But an appellate court overturned the finding of “bodily harm” and they were resented to life with the possibility of parole.

As of 2022, all three of the jackwads have been paroled.

Yes, these are EXACTLY the kind of people we all want wandering the streets.

Child killer Susan Smith up for parole soon.

Then we have Susan Smith. Remember her? In 1994 she murdered her two sons, 3-year-old Michael and 14- month-old Alexander, by drowning them in a lake in South Carolina. She had initially said a Black man had kidnapped her sons during a carjacking.

After almost two weeks of searching for the kids and the car, she finally confessed that she had let her car roll into a lake, drowning her children who were strapped into their car seats, trapped in the car.

Why did Susan Smith kill her children? Because her rich boyfriend didn’t want kids.

She is a special kind of evil.

Well, guess what? She’s up for parole on November 4th.

While in jail, she’s had several suitors contacting her and she told one of them she’d make a “good stepmom” and that she could “could see [herself] around kids.”

Her ex-husband, David, the father of the boys, will be opposing her release. One of his relatives told the Messenger, “David still thinks of his boys every day, and doesn’t ever want Susan to get out…She belongs in jail… she is exactly where she needs to be – in prison. And we will do what it takes to keep her there.”