In the last 15 months, the United States has apparently become the go-to destination for more than 30,000 illegal aliens who may or may not be dabbling in terrorism or other mysterious activities.

This groundbreaking revelation comes straight from the investigative powerhouse known as the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF), armed with data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

According to the findings, CBP records spill the beans on 20,287 encounters with Special Interest Aliens (SIAs) in fiscal year 2023, followed by an encore of 12,114 encounters in fiscal year 2024.

But wait, what’s a “Special Interest Alien”, you ask?

Well, according to the Department of Homeland Security’s fancy lexicon of terms and definitions, SIAs are exotic foreign nationals hailing from countries that are basically on a first-name basis with terrorism.

A DHS webpage from 2019 explains that these individuals might get the SIA label based on their travel patterns which are apparently as suspect as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Biden folks downplay the risk.

Now, don’t get too carried away assuming that an SIA is automatically a card-carrying “terrorist.” No, no! The federal government would argue with you about that – especially during an election year with Biden’s poll numbers tanking.

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The SIA label is more about having travel and behavioral patterns that give off a vibe of potential connection to shady activities, including terrorism, they contend. Just a vibe.

Investigations? What investigations?

This kind of stuff calls for some serious Sherlock Holmes-level screening and investigation (or maybe just a magnifying glass look-see) – of which the Biden administration has no interest in doing of course. But if they DID ever investigate the SIAs, they could look into things like fake documents, SIA’s taking scenic routes with smugglers through multiple countries, engaging in criminal activities, or maybe just casually being found to have links to terrorism through some easy investigative work.

Investigative work? What is that? The Biden administration can’t be bothered to do that sort of thing when there are zillions of future foreign Democratic voters to process into the country every day. They have priorities, after all.

In case you weren’t already clutching your pearls, you should know that SIA encounters at the southern border have seen a whopping 600% increase from fiscal year 2021 to 2022 (according to some super-secret CBP data exposed by the DCNF.)

And because the U.S. is the of opportunity, over 30,000 SIAs were graciously issued future court dates and some McDonald’s coupons after their southern border adventure.

Turkey, Russia, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Bangladesh (among others) are invading the country.

The DCNF’s dive into the data reveals that most SIAs in fiscal year 2023 were coming in from Turkey, Russia, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Meanwhile, in fiscal year 2024, it’s the hotshots from Turkey, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Russia who are leading the SIA parade.

Sounds pretty safe for us, right?

How many on the terror watch list are already here?

Adding a cherry on top of this slightly concerning cake, are the invaders coming over who are on the ACTUAL Terror Watch List. According to the Cato Institute, the US Border Patrol has apprehended 342 illegal border crossers who were on the Terrorist Screening Dataset, also known as the terror watchlist, since 2017. Those numbers have shot up in recent years to 169 in FY2023 and 49 to date this fiscal year.

Recently, The Daily Caller reported that Border Patrol apprehended an al-Shabaab terrorist and released him into the United States in March 2023 after a mismatch on the watchlist. Later, the government discovered that he was on the watchlist and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested him within 48 hours. The Daily Caller’s headline was “ICE Confirms It Finally Nabbed Terrorist Allowed To Roam Free For Almost A Year.”

So the question is…how many terrorists have thought it would be a grand idea to try and waltz across the southern border since Biden became the president? The real numbers will never be known but the results of those foreigners invading the country might be known someday unfortunately.

Alarm bells ignored.

Cue the alarm bells about the effectiveness of Biden’s border “security” measures and the potential risks associated with the unauthorized entry of foreigners into the United States.

But alarm bells be damed, the Biden administration keeps on orchestrating the invasion into our country with no closing of the border on the horizon.

A DHS official, clearly on an emotional rollercoaster, shared their feelings on the surge in SIA encounters, stating, “It worries me, depresses me, infuriates me, frustrates me.”

So does Biden and the Democrat party. Every day they worry me, depress me, infuriate me and frustrate me as they destroy our great country.