A person, or country, who wants to attack the United States and its citizens, seems to have it pretty easy right now. A depleted law enforcement, thanks to the Democrats war on the police, as well as lax arrests and prosecutions leaves an open door to criminals.

Identified balloons are free to fly across the United States without immediate challenge.

Along those lines is a federal government who has been letting unidentified balloons fly all over the country. They have no mechanism from stopping the balloons from entering the country or knowing about the ones that are “friendly” (i.e. weather balloons) that originate inside of the country.

And instead of shooting them down first and asking questions later, the government’s go-to position is to monitor them and let them continue on their merry way.

Chinese balloon collected data for a week.

The Biden administration was in no hurry to shoot down the China balloon a year ago that was spying on us.

They let it fly around for about a week before they did something about it.

New balloon left alone.

And now, CBS News and other media outlets have reported another balloon has been spotted flying over the U.S. – this time spotted over Utah on Friday.

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Our government had to scramble NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) fighter planes to intercept the balloon and check it out. And even though they don’t know where the ballon is from or what its purpose is, they assure us that it is is no threat to national security.

They would probably be the last to know if it was.

The feds are feckless.

According to the Department of Defense, the balloon is a “hobbyist balloon.”

What if the next balloon is own by a “hobbyist” and their hobby is terrorism, starting a fire or gathering data from our utility companies or military bases?

It’ll be too little too late if the balloon is already in the skies – and subsequently allowed to fly around wherever the navigator wants.

Maybe the Defense Department should do their job and defend the United States instead of spending their time worrying about pronouns, DEI and climate change.