Former, but acting, Michigan GOP Chair, Kristina Karamo, had a busy week last week pretending that she’s the Secretary of State, sending out emails about election security operations training programs, griping about recently-elected MIGOP Chair Pete Hoekstra and claiming that SHE is still the legitimate Chair (she’s not).

What Karamo ISN’T doing is her job which is to raise money for Republican candidates in the state and to get Republicans to the polls.

Early voting in the state’s presidential primary started on Saturday but it’s unclear if she even knows about it. There have been NO emails from her about voting early, voting absentee or voting in general.

Democrats are organized and ready for the primary.

Meanwhile, the Michigan Democratic Party is emailing everyone to get out and vote. At least they have a clue about what their job is. Karamo is clueless.

Even former Donald Trump, at his rally in Michigan on Saturday, talked about early voting starting in the state that day. But Karamo is AWOL on the issue.

Karamo is a failure.

Yes, Karamo is a complete failure at her job and pretty much has been since she was elected in February. And it’s pretty sad considering all the support she had from the precinct delegates when she was elected. But there were red flags way in the beginning when she was campaigning to be Chair.

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I was there at one of the campaign town halls with the candidates and people got sucked in by her speeches and didn’t focus on what most of the others were saying – that fundraising for the party was about 90% (or more) of the job – not any of the other stuff that Karamo has been focusing on.

Part of Karamo’s busy week last week was writing up a long email with 12 points on it about why she’s still in charge of the MIGOP and how the other side is corrupt.

Karamo is ignoring that we’re already in the middle of the presidential primary.

Hey, Kristina, how about writing about 12 ways to vote for Republicans in the presidential primary? That might be a better use of your time.

But no, Karamo prefers to spend her time bellyaching about how everyone is out to get her and how Hoekstra is trying to subvert her and nullify the votes of the Michigan Republican precinct delegates.

But how does complaining about Hoekstra raise any money for candidates or get Republicans elected? It doesn’t.

Karamo’s X account – and that of the MIGOP – doesn’t tell anyone to vote either.

Seriously Karamo and friends…What the HELL are you people doing??