Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her cohorts in the legislature continue to move ahead and fast-track their green energy agenda in the state.

That will most likely put all kinds of people out of work – people in the energy sector, farmers, manufacturers, auto workers and more.

A new office for folks who the Democrats get fired.

So in order to help you out after you lose your job, Gov. Whitmer has come up with something called the “Community & Worker Economic Transition Office” that she says will ensure a “smooth and equitable transition as our state makes the shift to clean energy technologies.”

So sorry (but not really) says Gov. Whitmer that she might put you out of a job where you are making enough money to support your family and plan for retirement.

What kind of exciting job will the Democrats find for you?

Whitmer’s press release about her new transition office calls it a place where “exciting opportunities” will be offered so that everyone can collaborate to create a “sustainable the prosperous future for Michigan.”

Yes…Don’t worry, be happy – because Whitmer will make sure you are approved as a cashier at your local Burger King – although if their windmills aren’t blowing enough, everyone might be getting a week or two if there’s not enough power to run the french fry station.

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One of the stated goals of Whitmer and friends is to increase economic “benefits” for communities, workers and employers who are impacted by the transitions in the auto and energy sectors. Whether you like it or not.

Gov. Whitmer and the Dems Really Care…

It’s all because Gov. Whitmer cares about you. She really does.

So much so that she’s putting together a team of dedicated Democrats to do research, have community sessions and figure out the best way spin their green energy agenda disaster into some positive news stories in the press.

After the Dems are able to put a few dozen displaced Michigan workers into new positions that they are not interested in, the Democrats will try to show everyone that the government is full of a bunch of wonderful and caring folks.