In her latest gig on the political stage, Vice President Kamala Harris has confidently claimed she’s ready to take the helm, conveniently addressing concerns about President Joe Biden’s age and mental competency.

As whispers about Biden’s fitness for office hit a volume that could rival a rock concert, Harris is trying to position herself as the natural successor while pirouetting through a political landscape that’s as tricky as a plate-spinning act at a circus.

The VP is ready to save us all and serve as prez if Biden fails

During a recent Wall Street Journal chit-chat, Harris proclaimed, “I am ready to serve. There’s no question about that.”

Is this declaration a comforting lullaby for an anxious public or just a friendly reminder that she’s been playing the waiting game, biding her time like a crafty poker player? Regardless of the answer to that question, the public doesn’t really care if Harris “ready” to serve or not.

After seeing how amateurish she has been and incapable of doing anything worthwhile during the past three years or so, Dems don’t want her anywhere near the desk in the Oval Office.

And that says a lot when your current “competition” is corrupt Dementia Joe.

The polls are against her.

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The woman, who slept her way into politics, actually gets lower grades than the president in most polls. And according to Fox News, the favorability rating for VP Harris continues to sink. She now sits at a 53% negative favorability rating with registered voters according to a recent NBC News poll released Sunday.

Regardless, Harris wants us to believe that her qualifications should silence any doubts about her ability to snatch the keys to the highest office. What those qualifications are exactly, no one is quite sure.

After Biden exposed (again) as elderly incompetent by the DOJ, Dems are freaking.

Harris’ proclamation about being ready to serve comes hot on the heels of a special counsel report that refrained from charging Biden but didn’t hold back in portraying him as an “elderly man with a poor memory.” So maybe she’s just stepping us to reassure us that if things really hits the fan, she’s there for us.

I’m not sure how “Angry Biden” is taking Kamala’s latest proclamation though. A proclamation which seems to substantiate that Biden might actually NEED back-up.

Angry Biden doesn’t appear to be reassessing about stepping down.

Biden, in classic fashion and with an angry tone, had fired back during a press conference after being declared “elderly” by the DOJ, defending his memory and mental fitness. But in the court of public opinion, his defensive moves might not be enough to shake off the growing skepticism that he’s actually completely incompetent.

The report’s jabs at Biden’s age only serve to intensify the ongoing debate about whether an 81-year- old should be considering a second term. And let’s not forget, Harris, at a spry 59, isn’t exactly the poster child for a new era of leadership.

Both Biden and Trump are too old to be president, say Americans.

An ABC News/Ipsos poll conducted after the report drops a bomb on the public’s feelings about old people running for political office. An overwhelming 86% of Americans believe Biden is too old to be in office. It’s a sentiment cutting across party lines, with 59% of respondents side-eyeing both Biden and his former rival, the 77-year-old Donald Trump. Ageism – the one thing that unites us all, apparently.

Harris, who previously hinted at her readiness to be president “if necessary,” seems to be enjoying her newfound attention from the media as she brushes off worries about Biden’s fitness but at the same time tells everyone that there is a back-up plan. She also points fingers at Republicans with a dismissive wave, accusing them of having “nothing to run on.”

Political strategy or basking in the attention?

However, one can’t help but wonder about the timing of Harris’s bold assertions that she’s ready to be the new Commander-in-Chief. Is she genuinely eager to lead, or is she just grabbing the chance to ride the wave away from Biden’s perceived weaknesses, while she gets a little air time in the process and attempts to sound presidential while doing so?

As the saying goes, in politics, timing is everything and Harris seems to be seizing the moment to position herself like a political ninja.

Harris’ dance between the tables of political strategy and genuine leadership aspirations is pretty tricky, putting her at the center of a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, she must shout from the rooftops about her readiness for the presidency and on the other hand, she has to tip-toe through the minefield of political loyalty. And hope her political aspirations don’t blow up in her face like a dynamite-filled pie in a slapstick comedy.

A case against Harris.

Harris’s critics, both inside and outside her own party, aren’t holding back on the skepticism of her ability to be the #1 Big Kahuna in the Oval Office. The knowledge that she slept her way into politics,

scares away staff, giggles and cackles constantly and throws out word salads during most public appearances is hard to ignore.

And as the 2024 presidential race lurks on the horizon like a steak sizzling on the grill, Harris’s position within the Democratic party and the wider political scene will become clearer – at least to her. Like the time she capitalized on the moment by latching on to an elderly married boyfriend with political time, she must grab the ring of power while it is dangling in front of her – and make sure that everyone knows that it’s HER ring to grab.