In an interview with illegal aliens at the Arizona border, Fox News’ Rachel Campos-Duffy spoke to them about who they prefer on immigration issues – Biden or Trump. All five of those interviewed said (no surprise) “Joe Biden.”

Duffy also said in the Fox News segment that one of them told her, “We’re asking Joe Biden to help us accomplish our dreams here so that we can get ahead.”

Duffy was in Arizona covering the illegal alien border crisis and talked with a group of people who were waiting to be transported out of a holding area on an Indian reservation near the border.

A life of uncertainty and danger brings them to America.

Duffy talked to them in Spanish and most of them said they were from Mexico. When asked why they came to America, they said it was the corruption, crime and threats to their family and that the cartels have “never been stronger.”

Some of the illegal aliens paid around $3,000 to the cartels to help them come to America, some came on their own.

Democrats complicit in southern border invasion.

As you can see…why wouldn’t the illegal aliens be grateful to the president and political party who helped them escape a life of chaos and danger? Not to mention giving them free cell phones, housing, education, healthcare, child care, debit cards and much more.

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And that’s exactly what the Democrats are hoping for.

Because someday when the illegal aliens are all given amnesty and a voter’s card, the Democrats are expecting them to return the favor and vote them into power for decades to come.

That’s why the border “crisis” is happening on purpose. It’s a strategy coming out of the Democrat party. At it’s being done despite any costs to the American people and their wallets, their safety or their very lives.