83-year-old Dr. Anthony Fauci, the federal government’s former “infectious disease expert” – the man who had been been practically living in our living rooms with his pandemic updates and mask directives – is now ready to cash in on Covid in a whole new way.

Move over, side gigs – Fauci’s got a memoir coming out, and it’s set to make him even more money than the vaccine manufacturers have.

The much anticipated (not) Fauci book is coming out this summer!

Called “On Call: A Doctor’s Journey in Public Service,” this literary masterpiece was acquired by Penguin Random House (parent company of Viking) for the modest sum of nearly $5 million. It promises to take readers on an “exciting” ride through Fauci’s four decades in government including his failures (which he likely won’t admit to) during the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the COVID-19 pandemic that made him a household name.

Viking, the (un)lucky publisher, is selling this writing triumph as Fauci’s personal reflection on the challenges of public health. And mark your calendars because you can get your copy June 18th!

Fauci hopes to inspire other corrupt and deceptive future bureaucrats.

But it’s not just a memoir. It’s poised to be a self-help book for aspiring bureaucrats. In a statement that will make millions of eyes roll, Fauci expressed his noble hope that the memoir would inspire the youth to follow in his illustrious footsteps (because nothing says “inspiration” like a lucrative book deal from a great deceptive leftist like Fauci).

Fauci even has a high-profile attorney representing him in this literary endeavor – none other than Washington big shot Robert Barnett who’s previously worked for the likes of Obama, Clinton, and Bush. With that kind of representation, Fauci’s memoir is practically destined for the New York Times bestseller list, right? We all know it will end up there regardless of whether five copies are sold or 500,000.

No love for Trump in the old man’s book.

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Fauci rose to fame, as you remember, during the Trump administration’s pandemic response. But the memoir conveniently skips over the tumultuous relationship between Fauci and Trump even though the two butted heads like a pair of stubborn rams. Trump wanted things back to normal and Fauci couldn’t resist being the voice of “reason” – in other words, the man did his best to scare the population into submission.

I doubt that Fauci will talk about his Congressional hearing testimony in his book – where he had to admit things he previously lied about before including the possibility that the lab leak theory could actually be true.

I also doubt the book talks much about the push back of Fauci’s “science” and his scuffles with Senator Rand Paul or Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Paul wrote his own book about Fauci called “Deception: The Great Covid Cover-Up” and Kennedy penned “The Real Anthony Fauci.” Those, I am sure, are more accurate accounts of what went on during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I can think of some better title for Fauci’s new book. How about “A Doctor’s Misadventures in the Middle of a Public Circus” or “Prescription for Agony: A Doctor’s False Remedy of Misinformation.”

“On Call’ promises to be a riveting tale – but just for the leftists – who have believed everything Fauci has said since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The rest of us not so much. Our time and money would be better spent watching paint dry, watching the grass grow, counting grains of rice or staring at a blank wall – or in simpler terms, how President Biden passes the time every day.