The results of yesterday’s Michigan Presidential Primary are in (for the most part) and it’s not pretty for President Biden. With 95% of the vote in according to the New York Times, both Biden and former President Donald J. Trump won their primaries.

But the voting numbers for Biden and Trump – as well as the turnout numbers for Republicans – are significant.

Enthusiasm gap: Turnout for Republicans dwarfs Democrats.

All together, as of 6:10 a.m. this morning, it’s reported by the NYT that 761,934 Democrats voted in the presidential primary in the state. On the other side of things, 1,108,910 Republicans voted. That’s a difference of 346,976 – with more votes coming in.

Trump gets far more votes than Biden in primary.

Examining the latest reported figures, Biden received 617,728 votes while Trump got 755,900, resulting in a gap of 138,172.

In 2020, Biden beat Trump in the presidential race by only 154,188.

If Trump had garnered the support of Haley voters, nearly 300,000 strong, he would have significantly increased his vote count, surpassing Biden by an even larger amount. However, even without the support of Haley voters, Trump still outperformed President Disaster.

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At this point, Trump is on track to possibly get more presidential primary votes than all of the Democratic candidates (and “uncommitted”) combined.

“Uncommitted” votes take a bite out of Biden’s derriere.

Speaking of the “uncommitted” vote… let’s take a look at that. The “uncommitted” (anti- Biden anti-semitic votes) that Biden didn’t get (so far): a whopping 100,960! The “uncommitted” campaign had only expected 10,000 to 20,000 votes.

Uncommitted votes come from unexpected counties.

The four counties that Biden got the most “uncommitted” votes as of the publishing of this article were in Wayne, Oscoda, Luce and Washtenaw.

Wayne makes sense – that’s Dearborn and Detroit. And Washtenaw is Ann Arbor.

However, Luce is on the east side of the Upper Peninsula and Oscoda is in lower northern Michigan on the east side. That should be a little concerning to the Biden administration.

So should the number of votes that the “uncommitted” campaign was able to get – in case they want to make it some sort of national campaign for November.

Michigan Secretary of State elections website numbers behind everyone else.

I’d also l like to point out the ineptness of Michigan’s Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. At 7:11 a.m. she still hadn’t gotten the state’s website updated to reflect the numbers of everyone else out there who are reporting Michigan’s presidential primary numbers.

What’s the deal?

Get it together, Jocelyn!