81-year-old President Biden is sharp. Sharp, sharp, sharp.

That’s what everyone in the know is saying.

Smart. Tough. On his game.

Even 200-year-old Nancy Pelosi says that Biden is “sharp.” She would know, I’m sure.

Biden is “completely mentally sharp” says democrat California Rep. Ro Khanna

The Dems are out in force defending Dementia Joe after a DOJ report on his classified documents scandal called him a “well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory” because he was unable to remember when he was VP and when his son died.

But don’t forget that he’s sharp!

Wandering around stage…

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Meanwhile, Biden has no idea where he is, what he’s saying or where he is most of the time. Here’s a recent video of him wandering around on stage while meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan

And according White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre (KJP), the president’s wifey, Dr. Jill, is quoted as saying,“President Biden does more in one hour than most people do in a day.”

So what EXACTLY does President Disaster DO since most of his day has little to nothing on his schedule?

Here are some of my guesses as to how he fills his time: brushes his teeth, puts on his pants, eats three meals, wanders around the Oval Office, does word searches, reads Dr. Seuss, plays “Go Fish,” looks through flashcards with Jill, does a craft project to cover up his Kleenex boxes, and plays the kazoo.

But Biden really doesn’t have to DO much since he’s not in charge of what goes on at the White House. The problem for the Dems is that Old Joey is the front man and he’s not very good at it anymore.

Results are all that matter.

Radio host Melik Abdul tells us all we need to know when he says, “Don’t judge his mental acuity. Judge him by his ability to get things done…”

Yes, that is ALL the Dems really care about. Results. Biden is not actually the one getting things done but he can be controlled. It’s the Obama administration running the show – but they’ll give Biden credit as long as he doesn’t get too embarrassing. And amazingly enough, they don’t think he’s met that threshold yet.

Even JKP agrees knows why Biden is important and why he needs to stay in the Oval Office as “The Big Guy.” Just like his corrupt family enterprise, he’s the man at the top. Not productive or competent but very much relevant to keep all of their scams going.

In her recent press conference, KJP said, “We’re going to focus on what the president is able to get done.”

And apparently, if he does that while mumbling to himself and referring to himself as “Bob,” that’s completely fine with them.