The political exploitation of the death of George Floyd in the spring of 2020 ended in the Democrats’ war on police and led to the “Defund the Police” movement.

Added to that were a plethora of criminal-supporting city and state governments, along with leftist prosecutors, who did their best to improve the lives of criminals around the country.

“Criminal justice reform” is only good for the criminals.

The leftists called their efforts “criminal justice reform” but the only thing they reformed was helping to make the lives of criminals better.

There are fewer prosecutions of crimes now like in California where you have to steal more than $950 of merchandise to get any attention paid to you. And there are less police officers on the streets to protect our lives and property.

Soft on crime policies put Americans in jeopardy.

Because of the lack of police and soft penalties for crimes (basically NO repercussions for many things), the criminals are doing what they want to do and taking what they want to take whether it’s property or lives.

Do Democrats care that businesses are moving out of crime-ridden cities or closing down all-together – important retail stores that communities need like Walgreens? Nope.

No repercussions for criminals means everyday Americans pay the price.

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Yes, criminals these days have it pretty easy. Many don’t have to worry about getting arrested at all and even when they do, they can get released from jail the same day with no cash bail required.

And even if they are prosecuted (on the rare occasion), their sweetheart plea deals don’t amount to much, if any, jail time no matter how long their rap sheets are.

Illegal aliens are adding to the crime crisis.

Add to that the invasion of millions and millions and millions and millions of illegal aliens at the border. Because of the border crisis, crime is getting even more out of control. More assaults, more sex trafficking, more rapes, more DUIs, more drugs, more murders…

But do the Democrats care? Nope. Not one iota.

Our police force continues to shrink.

Did the Democrats care last summer when an entire police force resigned in Goodhue, Minnesota? Do they care now when Moose Lake Minnesota City Council voted to disband its police force? I doubt it.

Do they care that Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry has declared a state of emergency due to the police officer shortage across the state?

Nope. In fact, many leftists are probably rejoicing over the fact that there are less police officers on the streets of America. That has been their goal since 2020 after all.

The fact that police departments have recruiting and retention problems is not surprising because it’s been a coordinated effort by the left to make it happen.

The Democrats’ grand contribution to the 2020s? A crime spree and a growing body count. Their strategy to make America more equitable involves deliberately thinning out our police force and giving us a legacy of death and destruction.

In fact, on the website “Movement for Black Lives,” it says they want to “redefine” public safety and “accountability” for the 21st century and beyond.

Yep, the police are the problem, not the criminals. And with less and less police officers in our country, they will probably get their wish.