How many more innocent Americans must die before the Left wakes up and admits that the border is a complete failure for Joe Biden and his administration?

Laken Riley has become the face of the violence caused by criminals flooding into the country. The 22-year-old nursing student was beaten to death on Thursday morning by an illegal alien. The attack was so savage it disfigured her skull.

Laken Riley was murdered in broad daylight on the campus of the University of Georgia—which just happens to be in the city of Athens—a sanctuary city!

I wonder how many parents of young women attending the University of Georgia today would have been so eager to send their girls knowing what they have learned.

The reason behind that savage killing at the hands of this illegal alien is still unclear, but the failures that led to her very avoidable death are not—they are becoming perfectly clear.

Let’s get this clear—these are not migrants! They are, by legal definition, illegal aliens. They are in our country after breaking the law.

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They are not migrants. They are not on holiday. They are not tourists. They are not supposed to be here—but I encourage every single one of those left-wing Democrats and liberals to throw open their doors and invite them to live in their houses.

What could possibly go wrong?

So, let’s follow the tracks of this killer from Venezuela.
In September of 2022, 26-year-old Jose Antonio Ibarra crossed into the United States illegally during a surge in the El Paso sector. After being detained briefly, he was released into the country.

A few months later, he was in New York City, where he was arrested last year and “charged with acting in a manner to injure a child less than 17 and a motor vehicle license violation.”

It’s not clear to us yet what those charges were or what kind of crime was actually involved, but he was released from custody, and no detainer was ever sought because he was back on the streets so fast.

From there, Ibarra decided to head south to the Peach State, where his problems with the law continued. He got drunk and got behind the wheel—but at least 150 Democrats voted just a couple of weeks ago that drunk driving was not a reason to expel illegals. Nope, being here illegally and driving drunk are both acceptable.

Ibarra was also arrested for shoplifting—and all of this makes me wonder how he got out of jail. Did he post bond, or was the poor migrant just down on his luck, so some schmuck prosecutor turned him loose once again?

I am going to get those answers for you, too.

So, here it is: he came in illegally and was turned loose, he was charged with some kind of crime to injure a child less than 17, was caught drunk driving and stealing, and was let out each and every time. Then he decided to attack 22-year-old Laken Riley, drag her into a wooded area in the middle of the University of Georgia, and beat her to death until he disfigured her skull!

What is it going to take Joe Biden? What is it going to take Kamala Harris? Chuck Schumer? Elizabeth Warren? Bernie Sanders? 

What is it going to take?

How many more innocent young women have to be murdered?
Kate Steinle.
Mollie Tibbits.
Laken Riley.

How about the people maimed and killed by illegal aliens driving drunk and hitting American citizens in their cars, on their bikes, or just walking down the street?

How many people must die from Fentanyl poisoning? I know the 400 or so that die today won’t be enough. Or the 400 tomorrow or the 400 the day after that.

Those suffering families and those funerals are not enough to get those on the left to admit they are wrong.

I read a story last week about a 19-year-old freshman at UC Berkley who died from Fentanyl. You might say, well he probably deserved it for taking illegal drugs.

Well, you had better step back and look in the mirror if that is your reaction—and you’d better not call yourself a Christian.

Here is the real story: the kid almost certainly didn’t take a fentanyl pill… no, he did what a lot of kids do—what I did—he was just experimenting a little bit with drugs while going to college. Except his were laced with a deadly poison that starts in China and is combined in Mexico and then shipped over our open border by drug cartels. He was just a kid who made one dumb mistake that cost him his life. Another 125,000 Americans will die that way this year, too.

So, how many bodies will it take until we decide it is time to close the border and protect this country from the invasion that is literally killing tens of thousands of us?

Well—one thing is certain: Laken Riley is a campaign issue, and this tragedy is terrible for her family.

All roads lead back to the terrible policies of Joe Biden and the destruction of the border.