Angry 81-year-old elderly President Joe Biden decided that it would be a good idea to go on primetime television on Thursday night to defend his competence by appearing incompetent.

In what was being dubbed as an “address to the nation” Biden went on TV and defended himself against criticism that came out of the DOJ’s review of his classified document case. It wasn’t an “address to the nation,” it was a political campaign speech.

Biden uses address to nation as campaign speech.

Legitimate presidents have used addresses to the nation for announcements of policy initiatives, words during times of national emergencies and for other occasions of national interest, using the opportunity for a one-on-one conversation with the American people in a serious setting.

But President Biden didn’t use his airtime to talk about troops fighting terrorism, a missile crisis, a space shuttle disaster, an oil spill or anything else of national importance.

NOPE. Biden gave a speech to defend his honor. And his presidential campaign.

In his hastily organized un-presidential speech, President Biden took to the podium about 15 minutes late to defend himself against accusations of mishandling classified materials post-vice presidency by Special Counsel Robert Hur. Biden was also (rightly) accused of being an incompetent nursing home resident.

If Biden is too senile for a trial, he’s definitely too senile to be president.

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Hur’s report highlighted Old Man Biden’s confusion and “significantly limited” recall of events related to the documents – and many other things.

In the report it said that Biden “willfully” retained and disclosed highly classified materials but also said that he most likely wouldn’t stand up well in a trial because of his memory issues. The report says, “We have also considered that, at trial, Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview of him, as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Biden should thank the DOJ for not charging him.

But instead of doing a victory lap after not being charged for actions that resulted in serious national security concerns, Angry Biden took offense to the report and came out swinging at his impromptu speech last night.

Obviously, Trump used the wrong strategy in defending himself against similar charges that have put him under criminal indictment. Trump obviously should have answered questions with “I don’t remember” and “What is my name again?”

Biden’s ill-conceived speech started around 8 pm, well past Biden’s usual bedtime. He came out defensive and confrontational in his speech and in his answers to the questions from the reporters (yes, shockingly, he ACTUALLY stayed around long enough to answer questions from reporters).

Biden can’t remember a whole lot and the DOJ said as much.

Biden vehemently insisted that he’s competent and dismissed the parts of the report he didn’t like including where it said he didn’t remember when his son died, when he was VP or things that happened during the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Biden said his memory was fine and that he’s the “most qualified person in this country to be president of the United States.” He also threw his staff under the bus as the ones who put classified documents here, there and everywhere.

In a nutshell, the DOJ report said Biden is too old and senile for them to bring charges against him – and Biden said he’s not old and senile – while appearing old and senile.

During the primetime speech to prove his competency, Biden referred to the Egyptian president as the president of Mexico.

However, regardless of Biden’s inability to be qualified to be the President of United States now or in the future (which was more than obvious last night), both CNN and MSNBC came to his rescue as the PR firm of Biden’s presidential campaign. Instead of addressing serious issues with the president, they went full bore COA for him.

CNN and MSNBC does damage control.

CNN contributor Kate Bedingfield, who used to work for the Biden administration, told Anderson Cooper about the mixup on who the president of Egypt is, “Can I just say, I mean, on this point about Mexico, he misspoke on the name of the country and the context of the larger answer about what he’s doing to try to get humanitarian assistance into Gaza, so, is it a perfect answer? Is it great to misspeak? No, it’s never great to misspeak. I promise everybody on this panel right now has misspoken and said the wrong name or the wrong, uhh, you know, the wrong date in a conversation.”

Bedingfield neglected to point out that Biden does this sort of thing EVERY TIME we see him speak publicly. He’s ALWAYS bumbling and making mistakes and trying to figure out where he is and where he is going.

Even before Biden gave his speech, CNN spin master Erin Burnett told everyone that Biden has always been a gaffe-machine, saying that is “who he is.” So they tried their “nothing to see here” strategy to prop the president up and pretend like what is going on is no big deal.

MSNBC’s spin masters called the DOJ report “derogatory” with “cheap shots” by talking about Biden’s poor memory – even though THAT was the reason Biden wasn’t charged for anything that he did. Laughably, one of the panel members said that Hur’s opinion on Biden’s mental state had no “interest

or relevance to his views of the president’s overall memory” even though that’s the whole justification for Biden to get his “get out of jail free” card.

Biden yells at the reporters who dare to ask him valid questions.

Surprisingly, Angry Biden actually got some REAL questions from the reporters in the room instead of it just being Fox News’ Peter Doocy questioning him about things other than his favorite ice cream flavor.

Biden angrily went after Doocy and the other reporters because they dared to question his mental fitness.

“My memory is just fine!” Biden shouted at them.

At another point, responding to a question about the perception among voters that he is no longer fit to serve as president, he shouted: “That is your judgement. That is your judgement! That is not the judgement of the press.”

Judgement. That’s what the American people will be making on November 5th during the presidential election.

And God help us all if they put President Disaster in the Oval Office again.