Old Man Biden didn’t do himself any favors when he used a presidential address last week for a campaign announcement that he is competent – and ended up showing that he clearly isn’t.

A huge majority of Americans think Biden is too old to be president.

And most Americans agree. 86% in fact, according to a new poll that came out on Sunday who say that Biden is “too old” to serve another term as president.

In the world of politics, where every move is scrutinized, every decision dissected, and every hairstyle analyzed for hidden meanings, there’s one topic that seems to have taken center stage lately: President Joe Biden’s age and mental competency.

Some argue that he’s like a fine wine, getting better with time, while others claim he’s more like a vintage cheese, acquiring a distinct aroma that raises eyebrows. But more and more, on both sides of the political aisle, people are seeing that Biden might just be a tad too old for the rigors of the Oval Office. Or even finding his own way off a stage.

Biden has been around the block a few hundred times.

First things first…Joe Biden has been around the block a few times – make that a few hundred times. He’s seen more presidential elections than your average person has seen Marvel movies, and at this point, he’s practically a political grandmaster. He has sure perfected the art of being on the take and making political office a very lucrative business indeed.

Some might argue that he’s more qualified than ever to be present (including himself), considering he’s practically a living, breathing history book. Why settle for a president who’s read about historical events when you can have one who was there, with front-row seats and a backstage pass to George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware and Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address?

Scary things happen when a senile president is running the country.

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But let’s not forget that Biden’s age has led to some amusing, sad, and scary moments that could only be attributed to a president who might be a bit too familiar with the “back in my day” anecdotes. He basically doesn’t know where he, who is is talking to or what he’s talking about most of the time.

Senile Joe’s supporters say that he can’t possibly be expected to remember stuff after a long day of meetings and diplomatic endeavors. Who cares if he can’t remember who is his wife and who is his sister. Or when he was VP.

His supporters argue that he makes these classic mix-ups like he has always done. The same old Joe, they say. But to us, it’s like watching our grandpa try to figure out how to use a smartphone. We can’t help but chuckle and hand him back his rotary phone. But when that phone is connected to nuclear codes and big decisions that have to be made, our chuckling turns into crying.

There’s too much to remember when you are president.

Biden’s press conferences with his forgetfulness has become the stuff of legends. There is just too much stuff to remember. Who can blame him, right? Having to remember the names of all the world leaders, their countries, and their favorite snacks is enough to make anyone’s head spin.

“It’s not like I’m trying to remember the periodic table,” Biden might say, with a wink and a nod to his fellow seniors who know the struggle of misplacing their car keys. However, most times, I’m sure that just finding the kitchen table is hard enough for Old Man Joe without the guiding arms of his wife and the Easter Bunny.

What kind of things will happen as Biden’s brain continues to turn into mush?

Of course looking forward, Biden’s age could give rise to some peculiar policy proposals without any kind of firewall. Will we see a presidential executive order mandating the use of carrier pigeons for secure communications? What about mandating the horse and buggy – which we are pretty much just a step away from with the Democrats wanting to end our use of gas-powered vehicles. Why even have EVs when we can literally have HORSEpower?

If this whole scam that the Democrats are trying to pull on the American people weren’t so serious, it would indeed be a comedic gem of epic proportions that we’re supposed to accept this imbecile as our Commander-in-Chief.

Biden loses the New York Times.

President Disaster has even lost of the support of the editorial board of the New York Times whose headlines have recently said “The question is not if Biden should step aside. It’s how” and “The challenges of an aging president.”

Maureen Dowd, long-time journalist and opinion writer for the Times published a column on February 10 with the headline: “Mr. President, Ditch the Stealth About Health” where she said, “Stealth about health is no longer possible, and the sooner President Biden’s team stops being in denial about that, the better off Democrats will be.”

Since denial of reality if how the Democrats operate in all things they do (the economy, the border, crime, etc.) it’s unknown if they are going to be taking Dowd’s advice.