I realize that you are getting tired of hearing about the border; honestly, friends, it is the only story that matters right now, and everything else is just noise.

For years, nations around the Western world have been overrun by migrants from all kinds of third-world countries, and it has proven to be destructive. No matter what kind of leftist propaganda and garbage they are trying to peddle, the wide-open southern border is an existential threat to the future of this country.

That is the simple fact—and every single day the border remains open, more Americans will die.

Some will be poisoned by illegal drugs like fentanyl that pour over the border. Others will be killed by violent gang members, others by illegals driving drunk. It happens every single day, and instead of fixing the problems, dishonest lawmakers on both sides of the aisle went into secret negotiations for the past four months and delivered the worst possible bill I think we could have seen.

Here is what it does in part:

It allows 5,000 illegals a day to come into the country before anything must be done.
It gives work permits to every single illegal who breaks the law and comes in.

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It creates another 50,000 green cards every month.

Oh, and did I mention that out of $118 billion in the bill, only $20 billion is actually needed to secure the border? Yeah, more than half is headed to Ukraine—and let me tell you, they may call it a bipartisan bill, but the American people are rejecting it as a bipartisan middle finger to every person in the middle class and beyond.

It is incomprehensibly stupid and irresponsible. As you can imagine—everyone has an opinion.

One of the main architects of this blivit, which, according to my dad, is ten pounds of crap in a five-pound bag, is Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma. He was defending this horrible legislation by attacking Elon Musk, who had the nerve to point out just how bad it really is.

He said it was “frustrating” that people like Musk are spreading misinformation about the bill. That’s not true, but it must be frustrating that people can get the truth from outside sources instead of relying on Lankford’s CNN appearances.

Another feckless and dishonest America-hating weasels crafting this trash is the ever-greasy Chuck Schumer, the Democrat majority leader from New York who did his best to defend the indefensible.

In one of MSNBC’s nuttiest moments, and there have been a few, Schumer said that if we did not send more money to Ukraine, Americans might be sent to fight in Ukraine. He’s trying to spin this piece of garbage as a great personal achievement of his.

No, Chuck, you didn’t rise to the occasion. You called this a border bill while sending more than half of the money to Ukraine—claiming that somehow their borders and nation are more important than our own. Ukraine will not beat the Russian army, but Zelensky will pocket millions, if not billions, of dollars on his way to an opulent exile somewhere on the beach after he fleeces the cash from Kyiv’s corrupt government.
Now, even staunch Democrats are finally asking what the hell is going on.

One of the places where it’s getting hard to sell the open border is New York City, where at least 32 mega centers have been built to house illegals in giant wall tent facilities—and that is showing no sign of getting any better.

Even Al Sharpton is calling this an invasion and took Congress to task on MSNBC while Senator Murphy was on the other line. I think he is still picking his jock up off the floor.

I don’t think he expected Al Sharpton to hammer him with the truth about this incredibly dangerous policy of opening the border for anyone and everyone to come in.

The problems of dealing with the flood of illegals in need of food, shelter, and a plan have spread all across the nation. It’s impacting every major city in America, but some are more prepared than others to say something intelligent about the crisis.

When asked about his ineffectual leadership on the border crisis, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson says Chicagoans need to cut him some slack because “I’m doing all this with a black wife raising three black kids!”

Um, yeah. He cannot get to the border because his kids are black? That is one for the ages—and I must again apologize to Lori Lightfoot because I called her the worst mayor in the history of Chicago, and she isn’t even close to as bad as this moron!

And the whole idea that this ‘dead on arrival’ border bill is somehow good because it’s bipartisan is flat-out stupid.
I am not going to pat people on the back because they cobbled something together in secret and told me how great it is. I always love this one: “It’s better than nothing.” No, it’s not.

It’s being rejected by the American people for a reason. It’s crap, and everyone knows it. Mitch McConnell, James Lankford, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, and all the other globalist bastards can take that bill and stick it—we are not going along with this anymore.

Frank Tammaro, a 95-year-old Korean War veteran, was thrown out of his nursing home so New York could build a shelter for illegals.

People like Frank deserve better. The mom who buried her son this week after he overdosed on fentanyl deserves better. The father killed by a drunk driver who was here illegally deserved better.

No more! 

We demand real action and real results. We are not going to accept half-assed efforts, and we are not going to be placated.

It seems the only thing they are not short on right now in Washington is excuses.

And it doesn’t have to be this way. Texas Governor Greg Abbott rightly pointed out that Joe Biden has the authority to close down the border if he wants to. There was a time when he probably would have, but that time has passed.