We must join together to stop the destruction of America, and we have to do it now.

I say that as the annual meeting of the globalist elite kicks off in Davos, Switzerland, where the rich and powerful will discuss what to do with you and me.

They will dine on fine Wagyu Beef, caviar, and lobster while discussing how you and I must eat cricket powder as a “sustainable protein.”

They will jet into town on their Gulfstream 550s while figuring out how to strip the peasants of the right to own a car and the self-determination on where that car will take us. Never mind letting us fly anywhere ourselves or own a boat, an ATV, or a snowmobile because those surely must be banned while they fly to the moon.

They will scream about the global perils of Climate Change while downing the best vintages of Cristal and cognac, declaring the peasants must live in 15-minute cities for the betterment of the planet that they are fleecing in pursuit of ever more opulence and wealth.

Elites like Klaus Schwab and George Soros live in their mansions behind heavily guarded walls, telling the rest of us we are cold-hearted and racist if we reject the flooding of Western nations with hordes of third-world people who have no interest at all in being American or French or British. They will be happy looting and pillaging and even raping whomever they can after busting into our nations illegally.

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The globalists, while hiding behind their private militias and security guards, demand that the rest of us sad sacks disarm and turn our guns over to them while they promise to protect us.

Anyone who has ever read about Wounded Knee or a hundred other stories like it knows that when they tell us we don’t need guns we damn well do—and we need them now more than ever.

Can I take on the US military? An F-16 or an Abrams tank?

No. I can’t.

But I will not simply surrender my birthright as an American and as a free man to some progressive tyrant who claims they know what is best for everyone else while they cannot run their own lives or budgets.

Speaking of birthright, I will not be silenced either. I will speak up, I will be heard, I will embrace my God-given First Amendment right every single day. I will call a spade a spade and do so without fear or favor.

Your political party is no defense against the truth, and your party didn’t exist when the Constitution was written and, therefore, has little meaning to me on most days.

Here is a fun fact about me: I have never been a member of any political party—and that is never going to change. Neither will I.

I will always believe in America First because, yes, I am a nationalist, which is perfectly normal and patriotic—it’s not a dirty word when used honestly!

I am not some cartoonish character creation of the progressives who, by believing in America, is a White Supremacist or some other social deviant.

I am a man who believes in the promise of America and the American Dream. For me, that means having the right to get up early, usually well before five, and work late, often past nine, to pull together the most accurate and compelling information I can find to share with you and anyone else who comes by and takes a moment to listen.

That’s right; to me, the American Dream is having the right to work your ass off and make as much out of your life as possible.

I believe in the pursuit of happiness, and I will be the only one who defines that for me. It won’t be you, and it won’t be anyone else.

My happiness will not be defined by some self-righteous tight-ass in Davos wearing a silk suit stitched together by a toddler in a Chinese sweatshop and pledging allegiance to the CCP.

Here in America, that means the Democrats must be beaten. And I don’t just mean beaten—I mean destroyed this coming election.

There should be no doubt that We The People reject any notion of the progressive socialist agenda that forces school kids to think some are victims and some are oppressors and tells them they can change their gender while keeping it secret from mom and dad.

We must annihilate the Democrats in the election so badly that we will never suffer through another pathetic presidency as we have now with wide open borders, criminals running wild, and money shoveled to every half-baked idea while veterans sleep in the streets next to junkies getting free-food and money from big brother.
No more. We demand better.

Joe Biden is a failure, and he is a failure by any metric. You don’t have to love Donald Trump. You don’t even have to like him, but if you’re honest, you must admit that we were far better off during his time in The White House.

We had more jobs than ever, the lowest inflation ever, and private home ownership was at its highest level.

And it didn’t matter who you were or what you looked like; we were far better off when Trump was in charge, and we need him back in the White House now.

This experiment with a guy who cannot even find his way off the stage, stay on a bike that is not moving, or read a teleprompter with massive font must end now.

Anyone who voted for Biden before and would do it again because they don’t like Trump is an idiot. There is no other way to look at it anymore.

Joe Biden has failed us all, and right now, there is only one sane choice—putting Donald Trump back where he belongs—the Oval Office!