In an un-stunning victory, former President Trump won the New Hampshire Republican primary last night in a BIGLY way, beating former South Carolina Governor/Ambassador Nikki Haley by a margin of 11%. That’s from the current numbers with 91% of the vote in as of this morning, according to the Associated Press.

To date, Trump has received 54.5% of the vote in New Hampshire and Haley got 43.2% with the help of independent voters who crossed over to try to make her look like a more of a legit candidate.

How much did Trump really win by just counting Republican votes?

I did some math this morning and it shows that about 40% of Haley’s votes were from the undeclared voters. In the end, I have the gap between her and Trump more along the lines of losing by 17% in a Republican-voter only race. That’s the percentage Trump actually won by, counting votes from registered Republicans and no independents.

CBS News has Haley only getting about 25% of the support of Republicans, which is even worse. Haley was definitely relying on non-Republicans to win the Republican primary. However, even with that extra help, she still lost by more than 10%. That won’t stop her from staying in the race though.

Haley is in it for “the long haul.”

Haley talked with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum on Monday, telling her she’s in it for the “long haul.” Yes, she’s not getting the hint about which Republican presidential candidate the Republican voters seem to prefer.

With the support (and financing) of the Democratic Party (which we all know has and will continue to happen) – Haley will most likely stay in the race for a while.

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She said as much on Tuesday night when conceding the New Hampshire Republican primary to Trump. Haley said, “this race is far from over. There are dozens of states left to go.” And she’s got lots of anti-Trumper money coming in.

Democrats will help her out.

Since the Dems know that Biden can’t beat Trump, especially with all of the third-party candidates in the race, they figure that elevating Haley is their best shot to get Trump out of the race. They see what she does – and she even called herself on Tuesday night “the last one standing next to Donald Trump.” She’s counting on the anti-Trump movement to keep her in the race for a while. And in doing that, she’ll be doing the dirty work of the Democrats, going after their rival and making him look bad. Free advertising for them.

Although, technically, she really isn’t the ONLY one standing next to Donald Trump. Ryan Binkley is still in the race. But she doesn’t acknowledge him. Neither does Trump.

With the other plans of the Democrats not working to get rid of Trump (lying, trying to bankrupt him, indictments, investigations, impeachments…), helping Haley to be the Republican presidential nominee seems like the best option for the Democrats to get rid of Orange Man Bad.

Why Haley thinks she will prevail.

As for Haley, she is most likely betting on the fact that by being one of the last candidates standing in the race against Trump, she might get the nomination by attrition. She’s probably hoping that Trump might be in jail in the near future – or isn’t able to get on ballots throughout the country.

Unfortunately for her, there is no constitutional requirement that a president NOT be in jail to run the country. And, in fact, the Democrat Party has proven that you can run the Biden administration from a basement or by Zoom and text messaging like the Defense Secretary did.

After Trump’s victory in New Hampshire, he said Haley had a “very bad night.” He added, “She pretended she won in Iowa” and “failed badly” in New Hampshire.

Biden is running against Trump in a general election already.

Biden is already running against Trump. He said last night, “It is now clear that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee” and did his usual song-and-dance about how Trump being president again will be the end of the republic, saying, “Our Democracy. Our personal freedoms – from the right to choose to the right to vote…all are at stake.”

One of the themes Haley is using to try to beat Trump, besides agism and accusing him of being nuts, is telling everyone that there won’t be chaos anymore if Trump is gone.

Delusional Nikki, when talking to MacCallum, seems to think that Democrats will calm down if she’s elected. She said, “We can’t continue to have this division. We can’t continue to be distracted. We can’t continue to have this chaotic feeling around us.”

Democrat chaos and division will continue no matter who the Republicans nominate.

No, Haley. The Democrats won’t change ANYTHING they are doing. Trump was just the target. YOU will just be the new target.

Sure the Dems and the anti-Trumpers REALLY REALLY hate Trump the most. But they REALLY REALLY hate Republicans in general and they won’t leave Haley alone any more than they left George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan alone – or any other Republican candidate or president.

Will Haley get a clue as long as she has Democrat supporters?

The next month will most likely show Haley that Trump is the preferred Republican candidate. But she won’t throw in the towel as long as the left-wing media keeps singing her praises and as long as the Democrat donations keep rolling in.

I expect her to say that SHE is the candidate to beat even though reality will show otherwise, especially when she loses her own home state of South Carolina.

In that way, she is very much like a Democrat: Deny reality and forge ahead.