It’s Caucus Day in Iowa—hard to believe, I know.

We kick off the 2024 presidential race with Donald Trump on track to claim the prize in Iowa tonight and New Hampshire in a week.
Trump can make history tonight in Iowa by getting more than 50% of the caucus votes. If the pollsters can get it right for once, he is on track for that to happen and could end up with somewhere between 52% and 54%.

We will, of course, be following that all day.

A win in New Hampshire on January 23 would pretty much guarantee Trump’s bid to become the 47th President. If the polls can be believed, and the people turn out to vote, he will win in a walkaway.

But I want you to consider what is up for grabs in 2024.

The answer is everything!

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I was in church yesterday, and the sermon focused on what we are facing in America and around the world as we get deeper into this new year.

Pastor Rick was on the money for me and Ivey when he pointed out how confusing it must be growing up these days. There are no rules, no guidelines, no absolutes, no guardrails—no, it is a free-for-all.

Those on the left tell kids they can pick any gender they want, throw out meaningless jumbles of words, and pretend they are a gender. What does that do to a kid in elementary school?
They tell kids they can have everything but own nothing. They tell them not to work hard, and if they do, it is likely because they have some kind of special privilege.

I never thought I would see the day when working hard and having a real work ethic would be derided as White Privilege.

They are teaching young kids to do whatever they want, whatever feels good, it doesn’t matter, anything goes.

And if your parents or anyone else tries to tell you differently, they are wrong.

They flood the world with lies and scream at people like me for telling the truth, accusing us of spreading misinformation, disinformation, or the newly minted “mal-information.”

Of course, all of this is rooted in racism. Jim Clyburn says he’s concerned black voters aren’t getting real information right now.

They flood the world with lies and accuse those telling the truth of doing what they are doing.
We are not. 
I’m fighting for you and even the Democrats; they just don’t know it. We fight for liberty and those God-given inalienable rights!

By the way, that “mal-information” label they added recently just means information they don’t like. They don’t want to hear it, so they give it an ominous-sounding label to scare off anyone with intellectual curiosity.
Then they tell the kids there are no rules except for freedom and liberty. Those must be cut back at all costs because freedom is dangerous.

You see, they claim that having a free-market, capitalist system breeds exploitation of the working class when the working class has it better today than ever. If you don’t think so, look around.

More people live longer, more productive lives than at any time in human history. Much of that success, if not all of it, can be traced back to some radical idealists back in 1776 who believed that the people should decide who is in charge and how things should be run. They believed that We The People are the government.

Adam Smith’s model of economic freedom laid out in The Wealth of Nations set us on a path to create freedom, not just in America but all over the world. It has worked miracles in lifting people up.

Is it perfect? No. Do people cheat and take advantage of the system at the expense of others? Yes.

But that happens in communist countries and under dictators far more and far worse than it does here.

Poverty in America is very real, but I can tell you it doesn’t look anything like the poverty I saw first-hand in places like South Africa or Mexico.

If you want an easy side-by-side comparison, just look at North and South Korea. By every metric, freedom wins every time.
Compare the dire straits of the people in Havana, Cuba, to the success of those in Miami’s Little Havana. You see in one example after another how superior free markets and free people are.

The truth is available to anyone interested in seeing it, and an economics education from Milton Friedman or Henry Hazlitt should be required in school, but there isn’t enough time after going over preferred pronouns and explaining why America is a horrible place that should never be celebrated.

They lie and tell the kids that socialism and Marxism are wonderful and that the globalists are looking out for them, and if we just burn the American Constitution, we will be on the road to a better world.

That is the biggest lie of all.

In order to keep it going, they rely on censorship and the destruction of free speech. They say words are weapons, and we must silence anyone who doesn’t speak the truth. Of course, they will be the sole arbiters of what is truth.

Maybe the biggest goal of the Davos crowd—and those running wild at the UN and WEF—is to silence any and all dissent. In no time at all, we can be as free as China, Russia, and, if we are r, North Korea.

Oh, and I forgot the big lie at the border, where literally millions of people flowed in the last three years, creating havoc and a lot of anger in the streets.

But everyone is told two big lies: first, the border is secure, and second, if you don’t support the invasion of your country by millions of strangers, you are a xenophobe and a racist.
You are barely human if you believe in America First!
So, what is up for grabs in 2024? Everything you and I care about!

I’m sorry, but you do not have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines and throwing out snarky comments on social media.

No, you actually have to get involved—you must vote. That is the simplest and most important thing you can do.

If you fail to cast a vote, they have already won!

And if you are not clear on what this gathering of globalists is all about in Davos, here is what you must understand: These people are using unrest, like the pandemic, to create fear and send people searching for a savior—which they portray themselves as. However, this salvation will come as Feudalism 2.0, where Big Tech and Big Government unite to dictate the ins and outs of your existence from sunup to sundown, from cradle to grave. That’s what they want, and that’s what we must remember as the months tick down to November.