Cata Truss, a 57-year-old mom on the west side of Chicago was NOT at all happy to learn that her Democratic legislators were going to turn the field house at her neighborhood Amundsen Park into a shelter for illegal aliens. Democrats that she had helped get elected.

Resources for illegal aliens but not the black community.

She wasn’t alone. The rest of her Black neighbors in her Austin neighborhood in Chicago weren’t on board with the plan either, especially after being told, year after year, that there were never any funds to help the Black community they live in.

There are Black Chicagoans who need the space Truss told media/news company The Free Press, including her five sons who had used the park to play football to keep them “out of trouble.” Others take their kids to day care there.

Truss says, “There’s a humanitarian crisis in the black community. But every time we have a need in our community, we’re told that there are no funds. There’s no money for us.”

Illegal aliens get rent support, health care and more.

On the other hand, being an illegal alien in Chicago gets you a lot of perks like health screenings and rent support and many other taxpayer-funded benefits – while the Blacks in the neighborhood, where about 28% of them live below the poverty line, are ignored.

Sick and tired of what was going on, Truss filed a lawsuit in October of last year against the city handwritten in pen on notepaper according to The Free Press. There to offer her moral support were three of her neighbors and the head of the local NAACP chapter.

Lawsuit is filed to push back against democrat politicians.

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In her lawsuit, she claimed that the field house that the Democratic politicians wanted to turn into a migrant shelter was “designated for recreational use within the community” and not for housing non-citizens.

Truss’ neighborhood wasn’t the only one under siege by Democrats bent on housing illegal aliens in whatever space they can find.

Democrats are using taxpayer dollars to house illegal aliens all over the city

J. Darnell Jones, a former U.S. Navy officer and a DEI consultant, learned about the Democrats wanting to use an abandoned school on the South Side of Chicago for a shelter for illegal aliens in May of last year.

After the school had been closed down due to lack of funding, the 94% Black neighborhood had campaigned for it to be a community center. But that didn’t happen. Jones was “disgusted” that the Democrats officials, instead, wanted to house illegal aliens there.

Jones said about the freebies being handed out to the illegal aliens in the city by the Democrat politicians, “They’re giving migrants all the things we’ve been asking for since we came here in chains.”

A win for our side

According to the Daily Mail, both efforts appear to have been successful, as the city now says it has ‘no plans’ to convert either Amundsen Park or South Shore High School into shelters.

The Black community members aren’t blaming the Republicans for the problems either. They’re blaming President Biden – and their local Democrat politicians.

We’ll see if they continue to blame them in the voting booth.

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