Do you sometimes think you are living in opposite land? You wake up every day and the truth is a lie. The lie is the truth. Up is down and down is up. You don’t recognize your country anymore and that’s the way the Democrats who run our cities and states (and the country) like it.

Child killer gets parole.

Over the past week, we learned about a woman who stabbed her boyfriend 100 times while high on pot. She got community service. Now we are learning about a man, Patrick Goodman, who beat and killed his girlfriend’s three-year-old boy, Elijah Sanderson, in a horrific manner who is set to be released from prison – unless Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom overrides the parole decision.

What kind of psycho parole board lets a child killer out into the community? And who really cares if the killer is “sorry” or remorseful or has changed his life while in prison? It’s called accountability and consequences for his actions. He should never see the light of day.

Just so you know the names of the people who paroled this child killer, they are: Michele Minor and Dan Blake. Minor said, “We find that Mr. Goodman does not currently pose an unreasonable risk to public safety and is therefore suitable for parole.”

Did she even read the autopsy of the child or care about what this “suitable for parol” killer did? According to San Francisco Public Safety News, the medical examiner, Dr. Boyd Stephens, said it was the worse case of child abuse he’d ever seen. Still, he got parole despite past assurances that he would be behind bars for the rest of his life.

The 26-page autopsy says the child had a broken neck, broken ribs, ruptured spleen, ruptured pancreas, ruptured kidneys, a pulverized liver, severed bowel and a severed renal artery – 50 separate external injuries were documented. That’s what happens when an adult holds a three-year-old by his wrist and swings him violently against a wall or another solid object and beat him with your fists.

Liberals are upset about execution of murderer.

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Meanwhile, the liberals in the country have been up in arms about a murderer in Alabama who FINALLY got his just desserts when he was executed for killing a pastor’s wife.

The common theme here? The liberals care much more about the criminals than the law-abiding American citizens and future victims. Or kids.

Victims don’t matter to liberals.

The abortion-loving, illegal-alien loving, criminal-loving Democrats are often doing things that are anti-American, immoral, devious and sometimes downright evil. They will also gaslight you every chance they get and in their world, victims don’t matter and the criminals deserve our sympathy.

The Dems say the invaders at the southern border deserve our help – and use billions of OUR taxpayer dollars to do so in order to buy their future votes.

And the arsonists vandals, rapists and thieves are just misunderstood and need social justice i.e. they shouldn’t be kept in jail for their crimes no matter how long their rap sheet is. Victims don’t deserve justice and future victims don’t deserve protection. The focus is always on the unfairness that exists for the criminals, past and present.

The Second Amendment, under assault, is not allowed to protect ourselves either.

We are on our own – only we can’t protect ourselves in many parts of the country because the Dems are after everyone’s guns. They want us to be sitting ducks, just like the babies who are aborted.

But while they support killing babies, they don’t support giving nitrogen hypoxia (suffocation by administering gas through a mask) to a convicted killer Kenneth Smith, who was paid $1,000 to kill Elizabeth Sennett at the direction her husband who wanted to collect on insurance money.

The Alabama killer was FINALLY put to death on Friday, more than 30 years after murdering Sennett. And all the media wanted to talk about was how long it took for him to die and how he jumped around on the table and suffered. Too bad, I say. To the critics and the murderers, I say – Don’t kill innocent people and you won’t have to worry about it.

RIP, Elizabeth. Justice was finally done albeit at a snail’s pace.

No justice for family of stabbing victim.

But at least Elizabeth and her family DID get some justice. The same can’t be said about murder victim Chad O’Melia and his family. According to the Daily Mail, 33-year- old Bryn Spejcher stabbed her boyfriend Chad 100 times (and killed him obviously) but was just recently given probation and community service. Why? Because they said she had a “cannabis-induced psychosis” after taking two hits from a bong.

So what??? And who cares. It’s still manslaughter. And that’s what she was convicted of but the judge felt sorry for her and said that the poor thing had no control over her actions.

Chad’s dad says that now “everyone who smokes marijuana in this state a license to kill.”

Smoking pot is now a license to kill in California.

He’s not wrong. And the Democrats couldn’t be happier. Social justice for all. Just not the victims.

Even when a criminal gets charged with a crime…and even when he/she doesn’t get a ridiculous “deal” and actually has to go to court (more and more rare these days)…and even when a criminal actually end up in jail or prison… it’s just a revolving door for these evil people.

Criminals aren’t doing long sentences for anything – even for domestic abuse, stalking, assault, rape and murder.

The liberals don’t care about protecting legal, tax-paying, innocent Americans – in any capacity. Why Democrat voters keep putting the enemies of their own safety into power over and over again is a mystery to me.