All the cloak-and-dagger moves behind the scenes keep fueling speculation that Joe Biden will not make it to the main event on November 5, 2024, and that he will be replaced sometime in the coming weeks as the Democrat candidate for president.

That is one of the storylines playing out in Washington and why speculation is swirling about who the Democrats could turn to in case Joe Biden cannot answer the bell.

And to be honest, he’s looked weaker than ever over the past few weeks. That’s likely why California’s Gavin Newsom is meeting with former president Bill Clinton in Mexico.

It is also why Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has quietly assembled advisors and fundraisers who are ready to go on a moment’s notice and kick a campaign into high gear if Biden goes out sometime between Super Tuesday and the Democrat Convention in Chicago.

In fact, that is among the ten surprises predicted for 2024 by Michael Cembalest, who heads the market and investment strategy unit at JP Morgan Chase.

Cembalest is also predicting a near-total rejection of self-driving EVs because of growing safety concerns and blackouts in key swing states before the elections.

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And he is not the only prognosticator warning that Joe Biden will not make it to the finish line. Many more high-profile Democrats calling for Biden to step aside, like David Axelrod and James Carville, the Ragin’ Cajun who has been calling Biden and his open border a disaster as of late.
This brings me to someone who has been bantered about as a possible replacement for the senile old man—the former First Lady, Michelle Obama, who says she is terrified of a second Trump term.

As I have outlined, she is not the only one on the socialist who is terrified, and it makes me wonder just how far these people will go to stop Donald Trump from winning the White House again.

Look, would any of us really be surprised if we woke up tomorrow to learn that President Trump had been gunned down or targeted by some bomb? Maybe I am just jaded, but that would not surprise me in today’s political environment, where radicals on the left believe they must destroy America in order to save it.

And the media cohorts that regurgitate that filth almost without regard to whether it’s true or not actually fantasize about Donald Trump being murdered.

In fact, it happened just yesterday. A group of journalists waited for Trump outside an appeals court and joked about having a good shot to kill him.

Yeah, you heard it right. Members of the press joked about how they could “get a good shot” and thew in a couple of jokes about JFK in a convertible.

It sounds like these people are rooting for a tragedy so that the man who scares them most cannot be on the ballot.

That is truly sick stuff.
Of course, there are plenty of people in politics, on the bench, and in the media who want to get Trump the old-fashioned way—by making stuff up and prosecuting him on bogus charges, like trying to convict him for what he did while in office.

Can you imagine? How could you possibly govern the country or even a local township if everything you did in your official capacity could later be questioned? You could be targeted for prosecution just for doing your job!

That is what they are trying to pull here. They are trying to prosecute President Trump for being, well, president and making executive decisions as the chief executive. They want the ability to go back and question those decisions and prosecute the man or woman who made the decisions.

Nobody could run the country that way. It’s not possible and very dangerous.

Meanwhile, Democrats know the Supreme Court will hammer the idea that Donald Trump led an insurrection back on January 6, 2021. Democrats don’t even believe that. They just like repeating it so it’ll stick.

Newsflash: it won’t, but they will keep trying.

Oh, and if you missed it, Ray Epps, the guy caught on camera actually trying to lead an insurrection that day, is not getting a single day in jail. Just one year of probation and 100 hours of community service—proving that he was part of an inside job. What else could you possibly believe when you know that some people are still sitting in jail with no trial at all who did far less?
Yes, 2024 will be a very interesting year.