More than 300,000. That’s how many illegal aliens came across the southern border in December alone. And that’s most likely a low-ball number.

An invasion of mass proportions.

More than ten million. That’s how many illegal aliens have invaded our country since Biden became president and you can bet your bippy that Biden and the Dems are overjoyed with that number.

But they want more. They always want more.

Republican SCOTUS justices allow invasion of illegal aliens to continue.

Now, we have the Republicans in the Supreme Court helping out the Democrats. On Monday, the Supreme Court justices, by a 5-4 vote, granted an emergency appeal from the Biden gang and now Border Patrol agents can cut the approximately 30 miles of razor wire along the Rio Grande near the border city of Eagle Pass.

The wire is there because Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had it installed to stop the invasion of illegal aliens into his state. Now, more illegal aliens will be invading the United States while the lawsuit between Biden and the state of Texas continues to wind its way through the court system.

President Biden admits border is not secure.

Gov. Abbott has also authorized floating barriers in the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass and he has been allowing troopers to arrest and jail thousands of illegal aliens on trespassing charges. Biden, who recently said the border is not secure, is also challenging those measures.

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Why did Biden FINALLY admit the obvious, that the border isn’t secure? Chalk that one up to mental instability – or Old Man Joe realizing that there’s an election going on.

Don’t worry though – he said border hasn’t been secure for the last TEN years and is pointing to the Republicans as being the ones to blame.

Democrats Ketanji Brown Jackson, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor helped out the Biden folks to close down Abbott’s efforts to keep his state safe. The Republicans who also signed on to the continuation of the invasion of our country were Justices Amy Coney Barrett and Chief Justice (of course) John Roberts.

Illegal aliens will be coming in waves if they think Trump will be president again.

With the possible impending end to Biden’s presidency and the possible impending election of Donald J. Trump as president again, there will most likely be massive waves of illegal aliens coming into the country at an even greater pace in the near future.

With the expectation that the border may actually be “shut down” in January of 2025 under a Trump presidency, it is foreseeable that we will get an onslaught of Democrat-supported illegal alien caravans coming into our country the likes of which we have never seen in the past.

We need to convince the illegal aliens to self-deport.

The problem then, will be all of the illegal aliens who are already in the country. Employers who employ illegals need to get arrested and fined. Welfare and anything free for the illegal alien population must end. Health care, housing, school, etc. Many will leave if that happens.

But we also need an incentive program to get them to leave voluntarily.

I’m thinking that a GoFundMe program might do the trick. Give them all $5,000 and a free cell phone to take a hike and go back to their own countries. Put them on buses, planes, trains and automobiles.

I’m sure that there are plenty of conservatives in the country, including me, would donate to the cause.