Even by conservative estimates, the open border policy of Joe Biden and his cast of criminals has allowed in excess of seven million people—most of whom we know almost nothing about—into the country. It has gotten so bad that traditional Democrat voters from Mississippi to Minnesota are finally saying “No!”

They want to know what the hell is going on, and they are no longer supporting the Democrats.

Black voters, Hispanic voters, and young people are leaving the Democrats like we have never seen in this country. Remember, after the Civil War and Lincoln had freed the slaves, blacks all became Republicans. In the 1860s, there were black Republicans in Congress—it was not until the 1930s that any black Democrat made it to Congress. These are important facts to remember.

Right now, it is black and brown communities getting hurt the most by the invasion. The hoards of illegals tend to target large cities for their final destination, and those are places where minorities have traditionally struggled more than other ethnic groups over time.

What does the invasion mean in the real world? What happens when you bring in people who have no connection to your country and only want to turn it into the hellhole they left in the first place?

Well, let’s start with three African immigrants caught on camera openly discussing raping women. They could not comprehend that it could be traumatic for the victim.

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It is simply beyond the cultural understanding of those men even to comprehend that raping a woman has a traumatic impact on her. She is a victim who is left emotionally and physically damaged from such an attack, and yet they don’t get it.

Just last night, more than 20 rapes were reported in Milan, Italy, an exponential increase from previous years. Many are linked, according to social media reports, to the influx of illegal aliens from outside of Europe.

In one nation—and I can almost guarantee you will not hear this anywhere else—the man leading the race to be the next Prime Minister is calling for revolution and the slaughter of all white people. To the global media, targeting white people for extermination isn’t even newsworthy. His name is Julis Malema.

South Africa is on the road to becoming a full-blown communist country, and the ground will be enriched with the blood and entrails of the white people born there. Remember, apartheid ended there 30 years ago now, but the demands for slaughter are fresh.

I point these two cases out because we are entering uncertain territory in 2024, where the norms of civilization are out of control, and Western Civilization is getting attacked from all sides.

That includes the destruction of law and order here at home. You are already aware of the cashless bail and soft-on-crime Soros prosecutors who want to take guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens while coddling criminals and treating them like victims.

Well, that has consequences, too, and when one of these criminals is held to account—sometimes it gets downright ugly.

A Las Vegas judge was attacked after denying bail to a career felon. There is no question these criminals are emboldened by their preferential treatment.

Sadly, too many of these conversations are intentionally focused on race—and they really shouldn’t be. We should focus on holding people accountable based on their behavior—not the color of their skin.

But let’s be honest here: if the globalist media cabal didn’t throw the race card a hundred times a day, they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

And if it’s not race, well, then by God, it must be sexual orientation, gender, and toxic masculinity. These people are nothing if not agenda-driven, right?

And it’s not just the news, but the entire corporate media complex trying to ram these culture viruses down everyone’s throat because these culture warriors know what’s best for everyone.

So, back to the invasion by millions who don’t share our heritage, our language, or much of anything at all with any of us.

These aren’t families searching for a better life or whatever tripe they tell you, it’s military aged men, traveling alone, with unclear intentions. Something had better change soon.