Just like Fox News and the other networks called Trump the Iowa caucus winner about 30 minutes into the contest, Rasmussen has already called the entire Republican primary for Orange Man Bad.

According to Just the News, pollster and political analyst Scott Rasmussen said on Tuesday that the 2024 GOP presidential nominating process is over. This is his assessment after Trump’s big win with 51% of the vote in Iowa.

Rasmussen was on “John Solomon Reports” podcast and said, “The race is over.” Having won 98 out of 99 precincts and with Trump finishing way ahead of the rest of the crowd, Rasmussen doesn’t think there IS a race going on.

Trump’s win in Iowa was the largest margin at the state’s caucuses in GOP history. We’ll see if the contest is truly over or not when the candidates move on to the Republican primary contest in New Hampshire on January 23rd.

After Iowa, two of the more lagging contestants dropped out – former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy who endorsed Trump and is now on the campaign trail with him.

Trump seems to be getting most of his support from folks who are not just upset about inflation and the economy but also about the open borders – he same thing he ran on in 2016. And now the problem is even worse.

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Rasmussen says, “We think of national security as what happens overseas and foreign policy matters. But truthfully, it’s right here at home. So that’s where it was with these voters. I think there’s also a frustration that the elite politicians just aren’t treating this seriously.”