The collectivist mentality is the cancer eating away at freedom in this country and around the world.

The farms are one huge example of the globalist cabal trying to convince the gullible that somehow the world would be a more secure and just place if the government took over the means of production.

This attack has been going on for some time with the aim of creating artificial scarcity, so we’ll have no choice but to consume their lab-grown meat and insect patties.

Pulling this off requires almost universal ignorance of world history and the catastrophic failures in this exact arena many times before.

Vladimir Lenin, who was responsible for the starvation of millions of Russians, seized land from farmers—many of whom were either murdered outright or shipped off to hard labor camps where they were literally worked to death.

The numbers are hard to figure, but it was certainly in the millions.

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Not to be outdone, the greatest mass murderer in world history, Chinese Communist Party Chair Mao Zedong, laid claim to all private farmland beginning in about 1957. By 1959, he began the so-called Great Leap Forward. Crops failed and the move to collectivist farms caused the greatest manmade famine in world history. 40 to 50 million Chinese literally starved to death and were forgotten by the world.

The socialist apologists have a quaint little saying: “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” In Mao’s case, he killed at least 80 million of his own people in pursuit of the socialist omelet—but it appears he was the only one eating.

And let’s also be very clear about why they are targeting the farms. It is the very same reason the communists did it beginning in Russia in 1920—it’s all about power, and no matter what flag you fly it under, it’s about controlling people and controlling food.

As the globalist scumbags like John Kerry keep screeching about climate change and how we must shut down farms to save the world, survey the failures of Karl Marx. Everything he ever wrote in his little red book should be reviewed and discussed before the government is ever again given any control of our food supply on such a scale.

The same could be said for giant factory farms like Smithfield, which has been owned by China for 20 years now and is the largest meat processor in America. Smithfield controls roughly 80% of all hogs in The United States.

It’s shocking when you hear the truth, isn’t it?

And when you tie that attack on agriculture to the open border policies of these same far-left globalist politicians, you must ask yourself what are they doing?

And let’s be perfectly clear about this—an open border is the policy—that’s why it’s open. That is why more than 10,000 illegal aliens a day come into your country—and yes, it is yours, not theirs.

For example—what is this garbage “bipartisan” border security package being pushed in the Senate? 
It would allow the President to shut down the border if the surge is too big. but would still allow 4,000 illegals a day, every single day. That is still about 1.5 million a year.

Does that sound like border security to you?

No, of course not, it is just another slap across the face to you, the American people.

Citizenship is meaningless to these people who want to be global citizens—whatever the hell that is. They send you the bill for hundreds of billions of dollars while fentanyl deaths explode by well over 100,000 each year, and human trafficking, including the exploitation of children, continues.

We must reject the leftist worldview that has failed ever since the Romanovs were brutally murdered in 1917. No, it was not a revolution—it was a violent coup. It is important to understand history.

When nations are invaded, no matter what it’s called, the outcome is never good if those flooding in have no regard for the nation they are flooding into.

Trump understands this, which is why he is promising to send reinforcements to Texas as president.

But Trump is maligned by the media and falsely smeared as a racist for putting America first.

I am an America First guy, and so are more than half of all Americans. The ones trying to keep this country safe and secure are actually the mainstream—and not the other way around.