Fans of singer Taylor Swift have always been loyal to her and now they have her back after what the Daily Mail calls “extremely graphic and suggestive” AI-generated images of her started circulating online Wednesday night.

The fans, the Swifties, are outraged and “Protect Taylor Swift” was trending on the social media platform X this morning after the original “Taylor Swift AI” was popular and the fans tried to bury it. Those fans are now demanding “swift” legal action over the fake images.

Taylor, the girlfriend of the Chiefs’ Travis Kelce, has been seen at his football games all year with his family and friends cheering him onto victory and now some AI folks have produced sexualized poses of her themed around the team including what a fan calls “pornographic images” showing the singer being violated by Chiefs fans at a game.

One fan asks, “How is this not considered sexual assault? I cannot be the only one who is finding this weird and uncomfortable? We are talking about the body/face of a woman being used for something she probably would never allow/feel comfortable. How are there no regulations or laws preventing this?”

Other fans are blaming X’s Elon Musk and telling him to get his crap together.

If nothing else, if the people posting the images are using the Chiefs logo or NFL logos on anything, they will probably end up in very hot water. The football folks have very deep pockets.