The Constitution has always been the enemy of the Democratic Party, especially the progressives. Former President Barack Hussein Obama II let it slip in a radio interview in in 2001 when he was a senator what he (and I’m sure the rest of his party) thinks of the Constitution when he said that it was full of what he called “negative liberties.”

Obama went on to complain that the Constitution says what the states CAN’T do to you.

That’s right, idiot. It was written after we came out from the tyranny of the British. But Obama wanted to be King and lamented that the Constitution doesn’t say “what the federal government or the state government MUST do on your behalf.”

Don’t worry, Obama. Biden’s gotten around all of that with his executive orders, fiscal appropriations to support his party’s platform – and handing out grants up the wazoo to Democrat voters, supporters and donors. All under the guise of “equity” and saving the world from climate change of course.

Politicians, including presidents, swear the oath to uphold the Constitution – but have their fingers crossed behind their back when they do it. They don’t believe in it. And they certainly don’t like the folks who wrote it.

Obama said in his book “The Audacity of Hope” that it’s hard to support the Constitution when it was crafted by a bunch of racists, saying that he couldn’t reject “the school of thought that sees the Founding Fathers only as hypocrites and the Constitution only as a betrayal of the grand ideals set forth by the Declaration of Independence.”

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That’s a more recent argument that the Dems have been making – that they can’t support a Constitution written by a bunch of white male racist Christians.

And who can forget Obama’s famous exchange with “Joe the Plumber” when Obama told us what the Democratic Party is all about. Plumber Joe Wurzelbacher told Obama that his tax plan was going to tax him a lot more. Obama said that he wanted to “spread the wealth around.”

Yes, we DEFINITELY figured that out. And we know exactly where the Democrats want the wealth to be spread to. But the Constitution has always been a hindrance to doing that.

What is the Constitution to the Democrats? An impediment. An obstacle. A barrier. Something to be complained about and loathed.

Unless of course, the Constitution somehow, once in a while, helps them with an argument.

Such is the case recently when the anti-Israel Squad members got ticked off when President Biden decided to finally strike back against the Squad’s comrades in the Middle East who have been attacking us for months.

All of a sudden, the progressive Dems care about the Constitution and are up in arms that old man Joe didn’t get Congressional authorization before raining down missiles on their anti-Israel buds in Yemen.

The progressive Dems on Capitol Hill are incensed that Biden would unconstitutionally hit targets used by their besties, the Iran-backed Houthi rebels – even though they’ve been attacking international cargo ships and U.S. warships in the Red Sea.

Meanwhile, the rebels have promised to make those who attacked THEM “pay a heavy price” for their “blatant aggression.” And the response to that from the Squad? No similar outrage about their threats or attacks against us. No surprise there.

California Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna, an unofficial member of the Squad, said about the attack, “The President needs to come to Congress before launching a strike against the Houthis in Yemen and involving us in another middle east (sic) conflict.”

Missouri Democrat and Squad member, Cori Bush, told 81-year-old Biden to “stop the bombing and do better by us.”

Poor Joe isn’t very well-liked by the anti-Israel/anti-American crowd. He was already losing support among his psycho base because of siding with Israel instead of the Palestinians and Hamas.

I have some advice for President Disaster: Watch your back. When you run with the wolves, you are bound to get eaten.