Welcome to the new year with many of the same old problems and some new ones.

The good news is that some problems have already been solved this year. Claudine Gay finally decided to step down as President of Harvard following massive blowback on her refusal to condemn antisemitism on campus, followed by a barrage of accusations that she has a long and checkered past when it comes to plagiarism. Harvard still must contend with the institutional damage to its reputation and the massive amount of money taken back by Jewish alumni totaling hundreds of millions.

Another solution, at least in part, is the secrecy surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s travel and flight logs that have thus far been kept out of public sight. It seems that as many as 200 prominent men and women traveled aboard the convicted pedophile’s jet to his private island, where sexual assaults of underaged girls and maybe boys too took place.

Those names are about to become public—and this should provide a storm of coverage depending on who gets identified in the release. We have learned from numerous sources that Bill Clinton is John Doe 36 and was apparently fingered at least 50 times in a lawsuit filed by one of the most prominent victims, Virginia Giuffre, who claims she was raped by Prince Andrew of England and other high-profile men.

It sure makes you think about the painting of Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress that adorned one of Epstein’s walls in his New York Mansion.

I think Epstein was sending a clear warning that the infamous blue dress was nothing compared to what he knew about the former president and a whole herd of other ballers in the political and business world.

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I expect we will have a field day with that list as it oozes out—one tawdry detail at a time.

And it’s just the beginning as the vault begins to crack. You can expect more incriminating information to come falling out of the closet. I wonder how many high-profile divorces could be on deck right now—and the spouses still have no idea what’s coming.

Here’s a quick reminder: Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself!
It could also create an all-new TV series: “The Sex Lives of the Rich and Famous with Robin Leach.”

This could become the new binge-worthy docuseries on Netflix, and I can assure you, they are already getting the checkbooks ready—this will be streaming Gold!

And again, Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself!

Here’s a list of things that still need to be solved. First and foremost are the border and the curse of Bidenomics.

Both are a disaster, and both are being ignored or denied by the clowns in the West Wing. Despite Joe Biden’s worst-of-all-time poll numbers, these people don’t realize nobody is buying this act. Not young people, not old people, not tall people, short people, skinny or fat, black or white, big or small, they are being rejected, and the numbers are getting worse by the day.

If your message is flooded with things that people know are not true, you have no chance of selling that snake oil, and now the foundational voters of the Democrat Party—Blacks, Hispanics, and young people—are running. They aren’t all running for Donald Trump—some are—but others will either stay home or vote for a third-party candidate like RFK Jr. or Jill Stein.

Let’s run through more of the problems that the socialists lie about.
The border is among the top concerns for millions, and it’s one of the drivers that is sending former Biden and Democrat voters running, yet Team Biden keeps lying about it.

And even though it’s Joe Biden’s refusal to address the border, they actually want to blame the problem on Republicans in border states.

That brings me back to the cost of living in this country. When they print money this fast, what you have is worth less every day and could soon be worthless altogether.

Instead of doing the right thing and facing up to the failures that have stacked up like cordwood, Democrats keep pointing their bony fingers at anyone and everyone they think they can blame.

And when that wasn’t working, they decided to try something else altogether—undermining the Republic altogether by subverting democracy in the name of saving democracy. It is one of the more ballsy moves—I will give them that. But every time they try to attack and smear Donald Trump, he gets stronger. Using inflated and, if I may, trumped-up political attacks only make the former President more popular.

So, there you go—some of the good and the bad, and a lot of it’s certainly ugly.

But you must be heard in 2024—the most consequential year of our lives.

I don’t want to leave it all on a negative note. There is some very good news and reason for plenty of hope for at least one person in Michigan who is fixing to be my new best friend, even though they probably don’t even know it.

Someone will soon lay claim to a Power Ball ticket worth $843 Million! Taking the cash option and paying taxes will leave about $300 million to play around with. Surely, they would like to invest in a company dedicated to telling the truth about what’s happening in America. New Best friend—call me!

God Bless America!