A Montana family is grappling with the aftermath of losing custody of their 14-year-old daughter, Jennifer, who expressed a desire to transition her gender.

The Daily Mail reports that, Krista Kolstad, Jennifer’s stepmother, and her biological father, Todd Kolstad, reveal that the ordeal has “torn their family apart.” The saga began when they received a call in August 2023, stating that Jennifer had expressed suicidal thoughts to friends at school.

Child Protective Services investigates Christian parents

Child Protective Services (CPS) visited the Kolstad’s home in Glasgow that night to investigate. The agency concluded that Jennifer needed to undergo gender transition for her well-being.

That’s because the leftists have decided that kids, schools, agencies and democrat policies can dictate what happens to a minor child instead of the parents. These disgusting people are now taking children away from their parents for not agreeing to their dangerous enabling of the wishes of a minor child.

What if that child wanted to be a dinosaur or a cat?

Minor child has past mental issues and attention-seeking behavior

Krista and Todd assert that Jennifer had a challenging upbringing, marked by undiagnosed mental health issues, including attention-seeking behavior and lying, which they believe were overlooked by social services.

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The family’s struggles intensified as Jennifer’s desire to transition emerged at the age of 13. Her parents, who are Christians, sent her to counseling to explore the reasons behind her feelings. Despite their objections, the hospital staff continued to refer to Jennifer as “Leo.”

State removes child and sends her out of state to start transitioning

The Kolstads reluctantly agreed to specialized in-patient treatment and counseling. However, CPS swiftly removed Jennifer from their care and shipped her off to a Wyoming facility, accusing them of refusing treatment.

In Wyoming, Jennifer was given men’s hygiene products. She was later moved to a Youth Dynamics group home in Montana. It was there that she was allowed to wear a chest binder, don men’s clothing, shave her head, and participate in all-boys groups.

Parents lose custody of child due to not following state’s gender edicts

The Kolstads were assigned a public defender and followed CPS’s recommendations – only to lose custody on January 19th. CPS asserted that allowing Jennifer to be transgender is in her “therapeutic interest” and her parents are “not following recommended therapy.”

CPS in “custody” of minor child

CPS now has custody of Jennifer for six months, with plans to place her with her birth mother in Canada, who has not been actively involved in her life and walked out of her life a long time ago. The Daily Mail says that statements from Jennifer and her sister’s counselor showed the girls describing their biological mother as uncaring, abusive and “crazy.”

But the birth mom is obviously a better choice to the leftists than Christians who love their daughter and put her in counseling and even moved her to a new school after being bullied, right?

Parents speak out despite future penalty

Despite a judge’s order to remain silent on the case, the Kolstads have chosen to speak out against what they perceive as an unjust decision.

The Kolstads were scheduled to appear in court to address charges of contempt of court and discuss Jennifer’s proposed treatment plan but the hearing was delayed due to Mrs. Kolstad’s father’s illness.

Despite their challenges, the Kolstads and the Coxes are navigating legal battles that may have broader implications for parental rights and the intersection of faith and gender identity.

A family torn apart

Krista told The Daily Mail, ‘It’s been horrible… Our family unit will never be the same. Even if they returned our daughter to us now, you’re not going to have the same family unit… it’s created a lot of animosity on Jennifer’s part towards us, she doesn’t believe she has to listen to us as her parents anymore.”

The child’s biological father says, “I love my daughter unconditionally, and only want her to refrain from making decisions until she has the maturity and life experiences to understand what the consequences are for her actions.”