With a sucky and corrupt (and elderly) 2024 presidential nominee – and president – the Democrats should be looking somewhere else in their bag of tricks and pull out a presidential nominee that is actually likable. And electable.

How will Biden win again?

Even if they plan to rig another election like the last time, Biden has to at least start with a certain threshold of “real” votes (ballots) in order to overcome the REAL votes of his presumed Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump.

According to Reuters from a story they published about a month ago, they say, “The Democratic Party has no Plan B if President Joe Biden decided for any reason to halt his 2024 re-election campaign.”

No one really believes that. The Democrats have a plan “B” for everything. And C, D, E, F and so on.

The media thinks other options should be available

The article laments, “Despite weak poll numbers and questions, including from some Democrats, about his age, Biden has stuck to his plan to seek a second term after clearing the field of serious Democratic primary challengers when he announced in April (2023) that he was running again.”

Others in the Democratic Party aren’t worried about such things since Old Man Biden was able to beat Trump the last time.

Who might step up to the plate?

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However, most people, when asked, know that there are Democrats waiting in the wings to jump into the presidential race if needed. Those names include, at the top of the list, California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Another possible “replacement” being mentioned if Biden drops out (or kicks the bucket) before or after the Democratic National Convention in August Michelle Obama, Barack Hussein Obama II’s wife.

Does Michelle want the power enough to return to the White House?

Michelle, some say, was the driving force behind her husband running for the presidency. However, once she was in the White House, she grew to have a disdain for it.

Even a new interview she did this month has her saying that life in the White House challenged her in ways she “never anticipated.” And that was just being the wifey, not necessarily the “Commander-in-Chief” like Jill Biden currently is.

Michelle thinks she’s “all that”

60-year-old Michelle says humbly about herself in the interview that she is “pretty strategic and smart and resilient” and that it was because they had a “family” with their “values” and “compassion” and “our smarts, our strategy” that got them through the experience.

The time to rule

With their kids all grown up now, and a husband by her side (as well as his former presidential administration already running things), Michelle would have all the time in the world to be the president and strategize like her hubby did how to further destroy the country.

The New York Post seems to think there’s a good chance that Michelle “sneaks” her way into the race. In fact, they seem to have a source or two who says she was “in NYC (summer of 2022) meeting several big hedge CEOs” and had told them, “I am running and I am asking for your support.”

Many media outlets have written that if Michelle jumped into the race, she would be the nightmare scenario for the Republicans and would win in a landslide because she’d be the first female president and the first female Black president at the same time. She certainly would have at least ONE vote.

Barack’s glowing words for her

When turning 60 recently, her hubby wrote a glowing tribute (and a possible preview to a run for for the presidency?) on the social media platform X…

Preparations underway to be the monarch?

Michelle, like other presidential candidates (including her hubby) has already written the obligatory books for everyone to read.

Another telling hint that Michelle might run was the fawning adulation given to her during a discussion called “Michelle Obama’s Work & Legacy” by a panel of women at the Hofstra University in New York in April of 2023 discussing her role in the White House while her husband was president.

President Susan Poser introduced the program saying it would address the “leadership and legacy of First Lady, Michelle Obama” and tell everyone about the “role the First Lady played in supporting President Obama’s election campaign, advising him during his time in the White House and how she continues to influence American politics today.”