The Democrats love to talk about “MAGA Republicans,” especially the “extreme” kind (which includes me).

They’ve tried to demonize the phrase over the past few years even though the letters stand for “Make America Great Again” which is clearly the OPPOSITE of what the Democratic Party wants.

How do the Democrats intend to win the presidential election?

Because Biden and his Democrat cohorts have no successes to run on (although they seem to think that offering the “choice” and “right” to kill babies is one of their greatest successes), they appear to have chosen a four-point strategy to help Biden win the election:

1  Demonize whites, Christians and MAGA Republicans

2  Constantly talk about J6

3  Point to Trump being the end of democracy

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4  Go full bore on promoting abortion access

Signs of their strategy

Signs of this are evident everywhere. And some creative politicians even combine several of their strategy points in one warning to the American voters.

73-year-old elderly Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow out of Michigan recently was at a press conference where she said, “MAGA Republicans don’t believe in governing in solving problems for the people of our country; they believe in power at all costs.”

Power at all costs? Look in the mirror, honey.

Dems think that they have helped the middle class and gotten us better prices, LOL

She laughably tried to tell everyone that Biden’s initial two years with a Democratic- controlled Senate and House showed their commitment to helping middle-class growth and cost reductions.

Yep, I’m sure we’re ALL feeling the results of that “growth” and cost reductions, aren’t we??!

MAGA will be the end of democracy as we know it

“MAGA Republicans” is one of Old Man Biden’s favorite phrases to use because it vili^ies both Trump and his voters, painting them as psycho crazies. He warns everyone over and over again every chance he gets that “MAGA” poses a grave threat to democracy and that 2024 is the “last gasp” for the MAGA folks.

Biden says, “There’s an extremist movement that does not share the basic beliefs of our democracy – the MAGA movement.”

Democrats are the REAL threat

He also said, “There is something dangerous happening in America.” There certainly is. It’s called Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

In their quest for never-ending power, they will say and do ANYTHING. And about 99.9% of it is anti-MAGA.

That 99.9% includes open borders, crime, in^lation and about a zillion other things that have thrown the country into chaos and into a downward spiral. The Dems started the destruction of the country with Obama’s “fundamental transformation” and that led us to Biden’s rule over the ruin of the country today.

The Democrats think supporting the killing of babies is a good election strategy

And while the Dems are concentrating on pushing the MAGA “threat” and conjuring up doomsday predictions if Trump were to get re-elected, they are also going full bore on the promotion of abortion access.

Yes, the “right” to kill babies is always on their minds and always a priority.

Michigan Democratic Governor is an abortion tour

Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and co-chair of the Biden campaign, is currently on an “abortion tour” to help out the prez (or her own presidential aspirations).

The tour started on Jan. 19th and involves about a dozen events with voter registration drives and roundtables. It also includes her Lt. Gov. Darlin Gilchrest (why is a MAN included in the conversation anyway? Haven’t the Dems said that men don’t get a say on the issue unless they agree with Democratic women??!)

With the anniversary of Roe v. Wade happening yesterday and the presidential election on the horizon, Gov. Whitmer has been vocal about the policy differences between presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and Old Man Joe.

Gov. Whitmer told Michigan Advance, “We know that we have a president [Biden] who has pledged to do everything to restore a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her body and her health care versus one [Trump] who is the reason that the Supreme Court was in a position to overturn Roe and is the reason that one out of three women in this country cannot make their own decisions about their their body and their health care and has vowed to sign a national abortion ban.”

Health care. Choice. Abortion access. All euphemisms for baby-killing. It’s a Democratic Party to be proud of.

Or not. Mostly not.