Not surprisingly, former President Donald J. Trump won the Iowa Republican caucuses pretty handily on Monday with 51% of the vote. His win was expected by most except for some in the media who wanted to pretend it was an actual race to prop up their ratings. For others, it was just wishful thinking that Trump wouldn’t win as big as he did.

The media called the race pretty early on in the evening, about a half-an-hour into the voting, which irritated Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. His spokesman Andrew Romeo said, “It is absolutely outrageous that the media would participate in election interference by calling the race before tens of thousands of Iowans even had a chance to vote. The media is in the tank for Trump and this is the most egregious example yet.”

In the end, after the caucus votes were tallied, Trump ended up with 51% support; DeSantis 21.2%; Haley 19.1%; Ramaswamy 7.7%; Binkley 0.7%; and Hutchinson 0.2%.

With a dismal showing after proclaiming that he was going to deliver a “surprise” to the country with a victory, pharmaceutical entrepreneur and presidential candidate 38-year- old Ramaswamy decided to drop out of the race and is now endorsing Orange Man Bad.

Words and phrases about 77-year-old Trump’s Iowa win by the media included “landslide,” “routs rivals,” “conquered,” and “sweep.”

The Daily Mail reported Trump telling the other candidates during his victory speech, “It’s time for our country to come together” and unite behind him.

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Good luck with that as most of Trump’s opponents are still hanging on. And delusional third-place Haley (who can’t do math) says the race is now a “two-person race‘ between her and Trump.

With 98 out of 99 counties won, it’s not just Trump’s competitors who aren’t excited about the results of the Iowa caucuses. The leftists aren’t happy either and have gone all out with their apocalyptic end of the world mantra against Republican Enemy No. 1.

Huffington Post shouted in their headline, “Iowa on Board with the Insurrectionist!” And “Iowa Voters Go with the Coup-Attempting Candidate Accused of Multiple Felonies.”

When you can’t beat your enemy, go after his voters.

MSNBC warned everyone that Trump’s promises of revenge against Biden, his administration and the Democrat Party helped him win big in Iowa.