Only in Biden’s America of unchecked illegal immigration would something like this be happening. Even former President Obama didn’t allow the illegal immigration problem to get this bad.

According to media reports, including the Daily Mail, students at a Brooklyn high school were kicked out of their own school after NYC Mayor Eric Adams decided to move 1,900 illegal aliens into the school because of bad weather.

The mayor said in a statement, “While families are already in the process of temporarily being relocated, the city will ensure that essential services and the highest level of support are provided to all impacted by this decision.”

Their migrant shelter at Floyd Bennett Field apparently wasn’t adequate enough to accommodate them as a storm was predicted to hit the area. The kids? Well, they had to stay home and do virtual learning.

The Democrats think they can keep doing things like this and stay in power. I’ll admit: they could be right. Democrat voters are ignorant (or sometimes even evil and compliant) and often vote for one issue like the right to keep killing babies. And the Democrat politicians know that.

Dem politicians are so good at marketing their political party that they can even get their voters to vote against their own self-interests. And Dems also know that they can get away with most things. They stole an election and they rarely get arrested for their crimes or get held accountable for anything. So they are brazen enough to do what they want.

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But have they “jumped the shark” with this whole immigration thing? Is it a bridge too far to constantly put the needs of illegal aliens ahead of the American people? And to spend billions of OUR taxpayer dollars on their care?

The Dems certainly don’t mind dumping public school children out of their own schools to accommodate illegal aliens. It seems like THAT might wake up some people in this country.

This kind of thing will be coming to a city near you, no doubt.

How do I know that? Because the illegal aliens are already showing up in droves, usurping the services and resources of food pantries and homeless shelters all across the country. The Dems, as long as they are in power, will always find ways to accommodate their foreign future voters.

With never-ending illegal immigration, the result of it were sure to show up all across the country at some point. You can’t let in millions and millions and millions and millions of people and not notice. Just in 2023 alone, Biden and his Dem pals let in at least 1.4 million illegal aliens.

The Dems are unabashedly embracing foreigners over Americans, global over local, outsiders over citizens of the United States – and WE are the ones paying the price (literally).

City Hall in NYC is not calling these Brooklyn interlopers illegal aliens or even migrants, immigrants or even asylum seekers. No, they are called “guests.”

Mayor Adams doesn’t seem to mind putting these “guests” wherever he has to – hotels, tents, schools, etc. And just like the services for his constituents don’t matter as much as the welfare of the illegal aliens in the city – and neither do the kids.