The social media group (handle) “Libs of TikTok,” created in April 2020, exists to post actual quotes, photos and videos of things that liberals say and do. It is to expose them.

Expose them to ridicule and hypocrisy as well as their evil ways. One example is a recent post of a trans Lt. Colonel suggesting that inclusion is a matter of national security. The group also posts videos of the illegal alien invasion, gender mutilation support by Democrats, photos and information on criminals with long rap sheets who keep getting let out of prison, and much more.

This irritates the liberals to no end, of course. Because the group posts what liberals actually say and do, they call the account “far right,” “anti-LGBTQ,” “anti-trans,” “extremists” and a “hate machine.” It’s because the liberals want to continue to allow boys and men in girls and women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. It’s because libs want drag queens to be able to read books to kids in schools and libraries. It’s because libs want to be able to mutilate the genitals of kids and give them sex hormones. It’s because libs want to be able to let boys and men compete in girls and women’s sports.

And the liberals don’t like it when Libs of TikTok adds commentary to their posts like “the world is laughing at us.”

Laughably, the posts from Libs of TikTok have been labeled “hateful” just by showing a video of a liberal ranting about not being able to do something as described above.

Critics like The Daily Beast says that the group “frequently” posts “anti-transgender content and unverified claims” even though the posts are directly from what the liberals are saying and doing – and they report on legislation that has been passed.

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Creator Chaya Raichik, when her involvement was made public, said the account was created because “I want to help people fight this (liberal) agenda.”

And Raichik is obviously succeeding or she wouldn’t be getting so much pushback from the liberals.

Because she’s succeeding, censorship by the liberals, is expected. According to the Daily Mail, Facebook suspended Libs of TikTok on December 30th (again) for breaking “community standards”– a euphemism for criticizing the Democrat party and the deep state. That’s a big NO-NO.

After the suspension, Raichik posted on their X social media account, “Libs of TikTik was suspended from @facebook today. The censorship is ramping up as we head into the 2024 elections. Buckle up!”

About being censored on Facebook, Raichik told the Post Millennial, “It’s a shame that Mark Zuckerberg cares more about peddling lies and catering to far left ideologies than letting users speak.”

But THAT is something we already know after many of us got censored and banned from Facebook during the LAST election and we all remember all of the political Zuckerbucks (more than $400 million!) that were spent to help Biden become president.

Raichik said their account was restored after receiving public pressure but it just goes to show what is to come again during the 2024 election cycle – more censorship by a party that has no winning message.