While our border is being overrun and the economy struggles, the storm clouds of war are becoming a lot more concerning in the Middle East.

Some say the powder keg is more dangerous now than at any time since the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973—and with war already waging in the Gaza Strip and the United States hitting back against persistent terrorist attacks in the region, it appears that weakness in the White House could lead us into yet another avoidable war—this time with Iran.

It is funny in a sad way that every single Republican candidate for President since I can remember was roasted by the likes of the New York Times and Washington Post for being warmongers who would certainly get America into World War Three.

They said it about Richard Nixon. They called Ronald Reagan “Ronald Ray-Gun” and mocked the missile defense system that was created back then as Star Wars. Both George H.W. and George W. would certainly get us into a global conflict.

Nobody was more dangerous with the nuclear football than Donald Trump. They said he would be the one to bring about global annihilation. And yet, President Trump got America into the least amount of global conflict during his first term in office. He negotiated the Abraham Accords, for which he has again been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The globalists will never give him the honor, but he deserves it.

And once again, the narrative has turned, and we stand on the precipice of a global conflict—and it could start in more than one place.
Vladimir Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons if he is pushed into a corner by NATO as he continues to grind down Ukranian resistance. By the way, Russia is still winning and will pound Ukraine into submission, no matter how much money Lindsey Graham, Chris Murphy, and the rest of the warmongers send their way. I remind you again that Ukraine is neither an ally nor a democracy in any sense of the word at this point.

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The other flash point is Iran. They’ve been ramping up attacks on the United States and our allies ever since the Hamas terrorist attacks triggered the first war in Israel since 1973.

And this is really strange because Joe Biden, you know, the one Democrats keep bragging is such an expert on world affairs and foreign policy, had some very important thoughts about Iran and the possibility of us getting into a war with Tehran. He made those comments back when he was running for President.

He feared that Trump would start a war with Iran because of his dangerous policies.

Yeah, Donald Trump would get us into a war with Iran, not Biden. That is why Robert Gates, the Secretary of Defense under Barack Obama, said Joe Biden was wrong on pretty much every foreign policy position he took.

It seems his track record did not improve with his declining mental abilities.

As you know, the push for war is strong on Capitol Hill—and as much as I despise the Ayatollah and the regime in Tehran, I would proceed with a lot more caution than some who are calling for an immediate and totally overwhelming attack.

Mike Pence says he hopes Biden strikes Iranian military targets and not just militias in Syria.

I am not sure why someone felt compelled to pull out Mike Pence, but there he is, and the warmongers in the military-industrial complex are cheering his comments for sure. He’s not alone, either. Mike Pompeo and Tom Cotton are also calling for retaliatory attacks.

But where is Joe Biden on this? 

Well, it seems he has not yet been told what his opinion should be.

Those who have worn the uniform and fought in the wars of the last 25 years are a bit more cautious, but it still feels like a war with Iran is becoming inevitable and unavoidable.

I want you to think about that when you remember the pallet loads of cash delivered in the middle of the night by Barack Obama and the billions of dollars just recently unfrozen by the Biden Administration.

It would have to cross your mind that just like an open border is the official US policy, war with Iran is looking like the official US policy and will be acted upon sooner rather than later.

Some lawmakers, such as Cory Mills, are cautioning against a kinetic response to Iran’s provocation. He says we should not do anything to threaten the safety of our troops in the area, and reacting militarily would be a response on Iran’s terms.

I hope we can avoid war, but I also understand that if Iran is not punished, this kind of antagonistic arrogance will continue, and it will cost American lives.
A war also makes me wonder who has come across our open border for the last three years. Where are they hiding, and what should we focus on to ensure that possible terrorists who have walked into America in recent years can be taken out quickly if need be?