The annual who’s who dystopian convention of central planners is off and running.

And while they toss around fear-mongering over such things as “Disease X” and “15-minute cities,” you should not be surprised by any of it.

After all, these globalist tyrants have all been telling us what they plan to do for a long time.

They have laid out their plans for all to see. They are so audacious that they are fearless and think quite correctly that most people today are completely clueless and frankly too stupid even to notice what is happening around them.

You would think that after the massive government over-reach of the faux Covid pandemic, the majority of people would have it all figured out by now. Maybe more people are waking up, but I still think more people than not remain in the dark and remain there voluntarily. They are pacified, distracted, and entertained by a million things that don’t matter.

And as I have been telling you, everything is at stake in 2024. It is that simple.

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That is why the global left from Washington to The Hague is in a full-blown panic over what is looking more and more like the inevitable return of one Donald J. Trump to the White House.

As an aside to that, let me give you an early warning about Trump’s upcoming election victory—one of the most volatile, violent, and dangerous times in American history will be those few weeks of the transition between the morning of November 6 and Noon on January 20. If you thought you’d seen the anti-Trump forces work hard so far, you have not seen anything yet.
It’s been bad before, but it will not be like anything you have ever seen after he wins. Left-wing violent extremists from both here at home and those who came in illegally will unleash a storm like this nation has never seen before.

It will be a very rough few weeks.

So, the powerful and unprecedented Central Planners are working furiously to get as much in place as possible during their annual meeting in Davos. They are mapping out a brave new world where most of us are really not needed—and if you think I am wrong, think again.

One panelist cited advancements in AI technology to say that humans will become largely obsolete in the twenty-first century, leading him to ask, “What do we need so many humans for?”

Do you think it’s a coincidence that all over the Western World, more and more formally illegal street drugs are being legalized and normalized? Junkies are living on the streets passed out in their own filth, and they get debit cards from too many states and cities to recount here.

God has been replaced in America by the government and its agents, who demand the same kind of reverence for the things they do.

Orwell wrote, “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” I’d add that it is an act that will not go unpunished.

And when I tell you they want to replace God with government, that is the theology they follow and always have—it is their Holy Grail.
Klaus Schwab says he’s worried that recent blowback to their policies is making people more “ego-centered” on a “national and individual level,” so they need to rebuild trust through aid programs. That just means he’s afraid people will stop listening to him.

The plans sound so mundane and even helpful. They tell the masses they are just there to help to make sure people are fed, and babies don’t die in infancy.

They are there to provide equity and make the wealthy pay their fair share.

They will level the playing field and punish those desecrating Mother Earth with fossil fuels and exploiting the masses by creating wealth in the free market system.

They are, of course, liars!

What they are creating is ultimate and total control. That is why Donald Trump and his ability to disrupt their grand plans like Agenda 2030 is such a threat to them and their power.

Just so you’re fully aware, one of their plans calls for programmable currency they can set expiration dates on and control what you can buy, how much you can buy, and where and when.

When asked directly, the power brokers flying to Davos on private jets demand we stop driving cars. Those openly calling for the destruction of agriculture dine on the finest beef, seafood, and wine. They have no answers for actual questions and belittle anyone who dares to ask.
And there is plenty more because they believe themselves to be God.

Someday, they will have to answer for all of this—and that day cannot come fast enough.