According to The Hill, “No Labels,” a nonprofit organization trying to support a third-party candidate ticket in 2024 (not chosen yet) has filed a complaint with the Biden U.S. Dept. of Justice (good luck) over what they contend are organizations who are engaging in a “conspiracy” to interfere with their ballot access efforts.

More election interference by the Democrats

Democrats interfering in an election? Say it ain’t so. Gee, that has NEVER happened before (wink- wink).

The No Labels folks had a press conference on Thursday where the leaders alleged a “brazen” attempt against mostly Democratic-aligned outside groups (shocking) to restrict their work to get support for a bipartisan unity candidate for the November presidential election.

Why the lawsuit?

Dan Webb, No Labels volunteer and attorney, said at the briefing, “We have requested a formal investigation into the matter by the Department of Justice to get to the bottom of this once and for all and to determine if laws have been violated.”

Like I said previously, good luck. I’m sure Biden’s DOJ pals will get right back to you on that one – probably sometime around December.

In a detailed eight-page letter – addressed to Kristen Clarke, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division, and Nicole M. Argentieri, Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division, it cites substantial evidence to support No Labels allegations.

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No Labels alleges a group of activists, operatives and party officials of violating federal criminal law, “including the RICO statute and a number of criminal civil rights provisions, not to mention the freedom of association rights that No Labels and all Americans enjoy under the U.S. Constitution.”

What are the Democrats up to?

Webb went on to say, “There is a group of activists and operatives and party officials who have participated in alleged illegal conspiracy to use intimidation, harassment and fear against representatives of No Labels, its donors and its potential candidates.”

Opposition is well-funded

I’m not sure if Webb understands where most of the federal grant money goes to – it goes to Democrat donors and supporters – and it’s mostly for election interference efforts. So they’re pretty well funded and organized.

Webb appeared disgusted by the Democrats (who isn’t these days?) and said, “Their tactics are becoming increasingly brazen.”

Protecting Old Joe at all costs by eliminating the competition

The poor Dems are fighting so hard against a third-party candidate because they know if would most likely spoil the election and tank Biden’s chances of getting back into the Oval Office. With the electorate not happy with another Biden/Trump match up, they are looking for someone (anyone) else to vote for.

RFJ Jr. isn’t having a whole lot of luck getting on the ballots either – but he has a pretty good ground game and lots of money to work on it. With different laws to get on the ballot in every state, he’s facing a lot of stupid, expensive and burdensome rules from the states and the political parties as he moves ahead in his quest to make sure that neither Trump nor Biden wins the election.

Third-party candidates say that no one wants to vote for Biden or Trump

Former Senator Lieberman (I-Conn.), a proponent of the group, concurs that no one really wants another choice between Biden and Trump. He says, “The American people want another choice for president this year” and “No Labels is working to provide that choice.” He added, “No one in our country has a right to prevent that choice from being offered to the voters.”

No one but Dems, of course. They have a “right” to do whatever they want – because who is around to stop them?!

And Choice? Democrats don’t want choice unless it means killing babies. In everything else, they want control.

The No Labels crowd has only gotten on the ballot in 14 states so far according to Executive Director, Margaret White – but they haven’t given up.

And who is the No Labels candidate?

Speculation is mounting that Republican and former South Carolina Governor/Ambassador Nikki Haley (not Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin) could be the choice for the No Labels crowd after she loses the Republican primary to Orange Man Bad.

But reports say that their candidate choice won’t be evaluated until sometime between the Super Tuesday primary elections on March 5th and their No Labels virtual convention in April.

And although after talking to some politicians about the possibility of being on the No Labels ticket, Lieberman says that although no one has said “no,” they also haven’t said “yes” yet either.