Billions of dollars…thousands of pages of laws…grants to their green energy buddies (donors and voters)…threats and bribes…conspiratorial lies boasted with the help of the leftist media…That’s what the Democrats have been using to get their clean energy/ anti-fossil fuel agenda moving forward and mandated on the American people. Only, like everything else they do, they are incompetent.

In the case of electric vehicles (EVs) you would think that they would have secured a stable and consistent infrastructure around the country to power the vehicles BEFORE they pushed EVs on everyone. NOPE.

And in the case of president disaster’s “electric school bus program” there is not enough utility power to meet the challenge. BIG SURPRISE (not).

Just the News reports that Biden and his delusional Democrats want to convert the nation’s school buses to an electric fleet and attempted to do so through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, setting aside $5 billion to grant money to local schools to make the switch from gas and diesel to electric.

But alas, reality has collided with their pipe dreams due to a “lack of charging infrastructure and power generation from local utilities.”

Gee, who would have guessed THAT would happen? How about everyone.

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And it wasn’t a MAGA group that pointed out the obvious. It was the Environmental Protection Agency’s internal watchdog who issued a recent report saying, “The Agency may be unable to effectively manage and achieve the program mission unless local utility companies can meet increasing power supply demands for electric school buses.”

Looks like the rebate application process didn’t require applicants to actually contact their utility providers to see if the changes were feasible. So they didn’t.

The inspector general had better watch his six. Telling the truth about the incompetence of the Democrats could get you kicked off of the Democrat plantation.

Bringing the cart before the horse seems to be a growing trend for the Democrats. In Michigan, after getting rid of as many coal plants as they could and mandating a reliance on solar and wind energy for a cold, dark and snowy state, Michigan News Source is reporting that they will need to import energy from other states in order to keep their residents out of the dark.

Good job, Democrats. Oh, that’s right. A “good job” isn’t the goal – monetary gain and political power are the goals.