Turns out that the Defense Secretary’s vanishing act shows that we can handle our own defense without him. But then again, when you are responsible mostly for DEI policy and climate change, how needed are you really?

The Democrats love to keep their secrets about what they are really up to but the latest Democrat secret is a real whopper.

Apparently, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was AWOL for several days, undergoing a medical procedure, and no one knew about it.

Austin had been admitted to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland on January 1st due to complications following an elective medical procedure. He was reportedly in severe pain and admitted to the ICU.

But Austin kept the information on the down low.

Was it because he had no sick time left? Was it because he didn’t want to have anyone know his business? Was it because the situation was more serious than he wanted anyone to find out about? Was Austin ever unconscious or incapacitated?

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The media reports say that Austin didn’t tell anyone about his hospitalization until about four days after he was admitted – not the Pentagon; not Biden (although if he WAS told, he wouldn’t remember); not the National Security Adviser; not the White House’s National Security Council…

So who WAS the defense secretary during that time? No one. His No. 2 didn’t assume any of his duties until she found out Austin was gone four days after-the-fact.

Newsweek reports that there are growing calls for Austin to be fired and that sounds like a great idea for me. There is no place for someone as high up in the chain of command as Austin is who can’t be truthful about where he is and what is happening to him. Someone who won’t even tell his own political party pals what is going on.

It looks like everyone thought Austin was working from home or on vacation – although it’s unclear if that is because he or his staff told people that or it was an assumption.

The fact that Austin thought he could get away with his charade is illustrative of how very unprofessional and dysfunctional the Biden administration actually is.

Austin is apparently still hospitalized and due to privacy concerns, Fox News has reported that the nature of his illness and release date aren’t being communicated with the public.

Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder says Austin is recovering well and is in good spirits. He adds, “Since resuming his duties on Friday evening, the Secretary has received operational updates and has provided necessary guidance to his team…He has full access to required communications capabilities and continues to monitor DoD’s day-to-day operations worldwide.”

Looks like Austin is keeping us safe via text messages and Zoom from his bed.

I’m assuming that is the same plan for how President Biden will be running the country should he win a second term.