I cannot get over the hubris and gall of the Central Planners gathered in Davos, Switzerland. They think the sun rises and sets with them and that they alone should dictate how we live our lives.

They will decide what is allowed, whether you like it or not.

They are so confident that no one will do anything that they are pushing harder and faster. But people are noticing and saying no. Elections in Italy, the Netherlands, and soon, Germany are showing the massive rejection of the globalist one-world government mentality.

Let me share with you what they think right now in Davos. John Kerry told the assembled crowd of discount Bond villains that their plans are so far in motion that nothing can stop them. Not you, not me, not Tom Cruise, nobody.

Yes, John Kerry Heinz and the three other horsemen, Al Gore, Klaus Schwab, and George Soros, think they have already won.

I think the God complex they suffer from has gotten the best of them in their golden years because rejection is coming.

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However, let’s take a look at their updated agenda. First, a major priority is controlling the food! All of it! Controlling the production, the harvest, and the distribution. They are now learning firsthand that farmers in Europe are on the frontlines of freedom—pushing this back down to where it came from.

They even made up a word for what farmers do: Ecocide. They say that the people who feed us day in and day out are a cancer to the planet. If they really believe that insane rhetoric, no problem—just don’t eat ever again!
If they truly believe the crap coming out of their mouths, then just don’t eat. If farmers are the enemy, then the real enemy is those who want to eat a couple of times a day. The WEF can set the example by starving to death and reducing their carbon footprint to zero in no time!

I am not going to starve to death, but if that is what they think is best for others, I say they should lead by example. I am more than willing to watch how they approach this one!

Farming—which they claim leads to this fantasy called man-made climate change—is just one of the enemies.

A bigger threat may be the flow of information. If people like me continue to tell the truth about this fraud, it may cause other people to stop and think about what is happening. If they do that, they may realize they are being lied to, and if that happens, it may lead to an awakening of common sense, which is very dangerous to the Davos agenda. It’s time to keep any potential dissenters silent before they start a revolt.

That’s why they want more censorship than ever! It’s for your own good. Can’t you see?

And did I mention a revolt?

Well, as you know, it is happening around the world. One of those places is Argentina, where they experimented with socialism and collectivism over the past few decades. The deeper they went, the worse it got.
And in a very curious move, the WEF invited the newly minted Libertarian President of Argentina to weigh in on the ideas of the worldwide social planners.

He declared that collectivist experiments are the root cause, not the solution of the world’s problems. It sounds like another president from what seems like long ago.

Yet, truth from one President will not be enough. It will take a populist, popular worldwide movement to bring this idiocy to an end because they are nothing if not dedicated to the theology of total control of the human race.

There is hope, but you must vote!