All across the state, Michiganders are bracing for two things – an impending winter storm and the University of Michigan’s appearance Monday night in the College Football Playoff National Championship against Washington in Houston, Texas on ESPN.

The 14-0 Michigan Wolverines will be up against the 14-0 Washington Huskies for the bragging rights of being the best college football team in the nation.

And now that the Wolverines have beaten my team, the Crimson Tide, I will most likely be cheering for U-M tonight even though my dad was a graduate of their nemesis, Michigan State University – and even though I grew up about 15 minutes from the MSU East Lansing campus.

It’s going to be hard to cheer on U-M but I will try. Especially since their medical center brought me through two successful surgeries last year.

With the game starting at 7:30 p.m. EST tonight, I am sure that many sports fans across Michigan are hoping for a “snow day” on Tuesday morning so they can sleep in after they are up all night watching the game. The current forecast across Michigan shows a lot of snow on the way in many parts of the state.

No. 1-ranked Michigan is currently favored to beat No. 2-ranked Washington by about five points. I guess that means that U-M will by a field goal and a safety. That’s pretty specific. Even more specific, the score is supposed to end up with Michigan winning 28.7 to 22.2. Not exactly sure how that happens.

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The teams are evenly split with victories in the past. Having played each other four times before in bowl games, each team has won twice.

Even though I’ll be looking for a Michigan win, I just hope it’s a good game. Some of the matchups this year have been ridiculous with scores ending up being 45-0 or 63-3 in lopsided victories. Although much of that has to do with the asinine transfer portal thing which I will get into at a later date.

So as both the snowstorm and the football storm approaches the state of Michigan this evening, I will acquiesce to being a Wolverine fan – at least for a few hours…

Let’s Go Blue! Or as the Michigan fight song goes, Hail! Hail! to Michigan. At least for this game.