Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Not when the Democrats are in control. They don’t really care what you want to do. It’s all about what THEY want and what they think is best for you.

Hence, at the time of this article being written, there were 936,353 documents posted in the Federal Register, the “official daily publication of the federal government for rules, proposed rules, and notices of Federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other presidential documents.”

It’s obviously IMPOSSIBLE to know what all the rules are – or to comply with them all. Everyone reading this is probably breaking dozens of laws or rules a day without even knowing it.

So because of politicians – mostly Democrats – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness just isn’t in the cards anymore.

Do you want to use a gas leaf blower in California? Too bad. Take a shower whenever you want? Not on their watch.

And now the Dems out west have decided that they want to stop kids under 12 from playing contact (tackle) football in California. According to the Daily Mail, there is a California Democrat-backed bill that bans just that – and it’s moving merrily along.

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The bill, AB 734, was introduced last year and it just passed out of the State Assembly’s Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, and Tourism on Wednesday after a public hearing.

Opponents of the bill say it’ll cut off kids from team sports and bonding. They also say the sport has been able to keep kids “off the streets.”

Proponents of the bill cite disastrous effects on kids because of head trauma.

Sacramento Representative Kevin McCarty who authored the bill said he’s not “anti-football.” He told everyone in the room, ’There is a way to love football and protect our kids. We’ve come to realize over the last few years that there’s no real safe way to play tackle football. There’s no safe blow to the head for a six, seven, eight year old.”

Funny how much the Democrats want to “protect” kids while at the same time they are all agog over abortion which kills about 620,000 babies in America every year.

Ron White, president of the California Youth Football Alliance, who opposes the bill, says that it’s an “unwarranted, discriminatory attempt to ban youth tackle football in the state while trampling parental rights along the way.”

Taking parental rights away? Where have we heard that before? It’s one of the new hobbies of the Democrat Party.

White also said, “You will hear medical opinions offered by the author and those testifying in support of AB 734. ’It’s important to note the following: those opinions are not unilaterally shared by the medical community.”

White added that he supported AB 1 (also known as the California Youth Football Act) which was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom in 2019. The bill has a series of safeguards including limiting full contact practice to no more than 30 minutes per day, two days a week, and requiring a medical professional to attend all games.

The author of AB 1 and current sheriff of Sacramento County, James Cooper, talked about the sense of community and family that tackle football offers disadvantaged communities by saying, “The confidence, mental well-being and life skills fostered through this sport, particularly within the underserved communities, are immeasurable. For some adolescents, tackle football serves as their sole source of structure, offering positive role models and guiding them toward a positive and productive path.”

The sheriff pointed out that legislators haven’t been putting pressure on other risky sports like lacrosse or ice hockey which can also pose a concussion risk – but they exist in more affluent communities. Where is the “equity” in that?

The sheriff argued against the bill saying, “I understand the pivotal role youth activities play at keeping children away from the streets and from gangs. Notably, Black male children engage in youth tackle football at higher rates than any other race. We should be pouring resources into our communities instead of ripping away one more thing.”

Also in the room with the lawmakers were many parents who expressed their opposition to the bill – and were ignored.

The Daily Mail reports that the bill passed 5-2 and will go on to the full body of the California State Assembly where it will need to pass by the end of January to have a chance of becoming law in 2024.

If the legislation passes, California would be the first state to successfully ban tackle football for children. Also if passed, the legislation would not take effect until 2026, gradually phasing in the implementation through 2029. The legislators like to have a little “padding” (no pun intended) on for the application of their legislation so that they don’t get blamed for their asinine bills while they are still in office.