It’s all about the games that politicians play. And the ones being played by the Democrats since Trump announced he was running to be president on June 16, 2015 are unrelenting. Ever since that moment, Democrats have done everything they can possibly think up to keep Trump out of the White House. Lies, impeachments, lawsuits and much more.

Their newest move is to keep Orange Man Bad off the primary and general ballots across the country, citing the 14th Amendment and his participation (if not the outright predatory organizing of) the insurrection on January 6th, 2021.

In response to the Democrats’ insanity, Republicans are looking at a “tit for tat” and bumping old man Joe Biden off of ballots as well.

There are LEGITIMATE reasons to boot Biden off the ballot including his corruption with his son to enrich his family – and letting millions of illegal aliens invade the country. And those are just to name a few. There are many many many many more reasons to cancel Biden but those are probably the top two.

Since the Democrats think they can save democracy by destroying it, the Republicans need to get in the game and beat the Dems at their own game.

For the most part, the Republican Party has always been honorable and played by the rules. It’s who we are. But it’s time to get in the game and win by any means necessary just like our opposition. Otherwise, we will cease to exist as a party – which in the end means that we will cease to exist as a country.

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If the Dems want to boot Trump off of the voting ballot, then we should return the favor and get rid of Biden.

Just the News reports that there ARE Republicans who are calling for old Joe to be removed from the 2024 primary ballot. This is because challenges have been brought in more than 30 states to disqualify former President Trump from 2024 GOP primary ballots and we’re all getting sick of it. This is a result of the Dems’ own partisan conclusion that Trump participated in an insurrection on January 6th, 2021.

The Dems are looking to kick Trump off the ballot using the insurrection clauses of the 14th Amendment. Progressive white female Democrats in Colorado and Maine have already booted Trump off – or tried to. The Colorado case is now headed to the Supreme Court which should put a stop to all of the other insane cases as well.

Precedent has allowed previous candidates on presidential ballots despite criminal convictions including Lyndon LaRouche and Eugene Debs. In this current situation, Trump has been convicted of NOTHING – but apparently the Dems think that because they say he’s guilty, it is true.

Just the News reports that Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz points out one of the main problems with the Democrats’ argument to boot Trump from ballots – that state courts don’t have authority regarding the 14th amendment. That means that partisan Secretaries of State nut jobs don’t have the authority either. Furthermore, Dershowitz added that the states have no power to ENFORCE the 14th amendment either – that it is Congress’ job to do so.

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft (R), who is running for governor, posted on X that the same standard should be applied to Biden concerning eligibility to be on the ballot, saying, “What has happened in Colorado & Maine is disgraceful & undermines our republic…While I expect the Supreme Court to overturn this, if not, Secretaries of State will step in & ensure the new legal standard for Donald Trump applies equally to Joe Biden.”

Also in Missouri, state Senator Bill Eigel (R) who is also running for governor said that he plans to introduce legislation that would disqualify Biden from the Missouri ballot. Citing the treason clause in Article II of the U.S. Constitution, he said, “By the Democrats’ own standard, Joe Biden should be immediately disqualified and removed from the ballot for the ‘aid and comfort’ he has given our enemies.”

Sen. Eigel went on to say, “Our country is being invaded, because Joe Biden has swung our southern border wide open. President Biden has allowed more than 8 million people to stroll across our border illegally, causing more harm to this country than any other president in American history.”

AMEN to that.

Presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is also looking into blocking Biden from the Florida ballot. He said, “This is just going to be a tit for tat and it’s just not gonna end well…”

He’s looking to block Biden from the ballot because of the invasion of all of the illegal aliens.

Although DeSantis doesn’t consider taking candidates off of ballots the “right way” to do things it IS something that needs to be done. And done now. Get in the game, Republicans.