Every day, I sit and listen as we are bombarded by endless cultural and ideological messages from the left. They are on 24 hours a day and never miss an opportunity to advance their narrative. And they never, ever break ranks. They sound like they are reading the same script every single day.

They come at us from every corner. They are never shy. They are never timid. They are fierce and relentless. And they are well-funded. Really well-funded.

We are hit with messages that America is bad, socialism is good, you can pick your gender, open borders are good and inclusive, abortion is health care, oil is bad, farms destroy the planet, and Joe Biden is a really great guy and an amazing President. Those are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. 

I could go through a litany of examples and list dozens of platforms delivering anti-American and anti-God messages all day long. They flood the zone with left-wing ideas on social media platforms, websites, the few remaining magazines, billboards, movies, and, of course, nearly all the pop music and even some country songs.

It is a full-court press.

We are being drowned in the far-left message machine that is grinding American and Western culture into pulp. And it’s happening because they are willing to spend everything they have to make it happen.

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What are we doing about it? Not very much other than complain and make grand proclamations that this must stop.

On the left, they shovel cash into the socialist propaganda machine 24 hours a day, while on the right, we pinch pennies and wring our hands and wonder why things keep getting worse. Why do kids hate America? And my personal favorite: what happened to the country I grew up in?

And again, I ask, what are we doing about it?

George Soros, Bill Gates, John Kerry, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and all the rest dominate the messaging because they are not afraid to jump in and do whatever it takes to win the PR battle. And mostly, that means pumping in the money. Lots and lots of money, billions of dollars, to keep the messages coming. Our young people, among others, are getting submerged in it. So much so that they can hardly come up for air, and that is the point. Control the messaging to the youngest people who are coming up to vote to ensure they support the globalist machine.

Only one person in recent memory has stood up with a pile of cash to fight back and give us all a chance to be heard. That is Elon Musk—but he is just one person, and we need an army of small, medium, and large donors who are willing to invest their money in saving our nation by changing the narrative.

The battle lines have certainly been drawn, and yes, it’s all about politics, every single bit of it. We are at war, and while those on the left are crystal clear about that, it seems many on the right just don’t get it.

When abortion is on the ballot, for example, the left spends truckloads of cash, while those on the right stand on the moral high ground and refuse to spend more than a few nickels. And then we have the nerve to wonder why we keep getting creamed. 

Oh, I don’t know, maybe because the tightwads that claim to be on our side are more interested in keeping all of their money, America be damned, or they aren’t really on our side. I think it’s probably a bit of both.

How about a couple more examples?

I know a few multi-millionaires and some far better than that, who can easily afford to contribute significant amounts of money. Instead of doing that, they say their money really won’t change anything.

I am damned glad the founding fathers of this country didn’t have that attitude. No, they pledged everything they had in pursuit of freedom, and many died penniless as a result. Many of them died in the struggle for freedom. 

In this way, it looks to me that those on the left are willing to make the financial sacrifices it takes to win elections at every level. They are willing to give what they can, and many give what they cannot afford but believe that giving until it hurts is their only choice.

I honestly do not see that intensity level from the right. I see people who want to “try different things” and go “a different direction,” which almost always means going in the direction of losing.

What is the last conservative ballot initiative you remember winning? Does one even come to mind?

These left-wing campaigns take small donations from millions of people and big donations from a few to fuel their relentless narrative. They dominate the conversation because they don’t pay lip service to what they want; they pay for it outright in cash and keep winning at the ballot box as a result. 
No wonder we keep getting our teeth kicked in. 

We all talk about wanting to save America, but nobody wants to risk too much of their own fortune to make it happen. They don’t want to work hard and raise the money to pay the freight. How is it that the billionaires on our side (and yes, there are many) clutch their fortunes like pearls and are too afraid to fight back, while on the left, they churn out billions and raise billions more without fear?

I started this conversation trying to figure out why we keep losing, and along the way, I guess I figured it out. We talk a lot but fail to compete when it comes to paying. We are too timid with our money or too cheap. Either way, we keep coming up short on. The left doesn’t seem to have that problem.

Why is that?

Why are we talking about standing up for the Constitution when we won’t even ask people to get on board and help us pay to get the message out?

Was Jesus so timid? 

Ok—so now that I have your attention, let’s spend a few minutes exploring the globalist agenda—and shine a little light on some folks who are at least putting up a fight.

Australian Senator Alex Antic took the floor to reveal the hoax that is manmade climate change. He points out that the polar bears are still here, the sea levels haven’t risen, and the ozone layer is fine. All this is to gin up fear so that when they declare their climate emergency, people will line up to hand over their freedom.
But there is a lot to fight back against, and we are not just losing on fundraising but also on the messages that have been poisoning the conversation for decades.

For a long time, people warned us that we had to get prepared, that we had to fight back, that this really was an epic fight between good and evil. From where I stand—some of those folks had it nailed.