The open border crisis is getting out of control and so is the Democrat Party’s response to it. Their response certainly isn’t to secure the border because that’s the opposite of what they want. No, their response is to get more people on board to do the paperwork, to process the illegal aliens faster, to find more NGOs and non-profits and other profiting businesses to take care of them and to blame Republicans for any “disinformation” about the border not being secure.

Yes, the Biden administration is laughably saying that the open border crisis with their unprecedented numbers of fake asylum seekers is because of the Republicans. Biden’s propaganda-spreader, Karine Jean-Pierre, says that Biden has been doing all he can on border security but Republicans aren’t working with him.

What Biden’s Press Secretary KJP means is that we are not working with the leftists to let more invaders into the country as quickly as possible nor are we agreeing to spend billions more of our taxpayer dollars to fund the current and future invasions.

The only reason that the media is even paying any attention to the border crisis right now is because Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has been transporting illegal aliens to sanctuary cities – a brilliant move on his part.

Because of Gov. Abbott, the Democratic governors and mayors are getting irate because they are seeing actual results of their own policies. But they are really only contending with a very small drop in the bucket as compared to the amount of illegal aliens actually invading our country.

Even with all of the chaos that is brought to these sanctuary cities, the Democrat mayors and governors still don’t want the invasion to stop. They just want money. Money from the federal government to take care of the illegal aliens. Money to use for foreigners instead of their own American taxpaying citizens. And no matter how much their citizens complain (even Black Americans), the invasion continues and the coddling of the invaders continues. Why? Because they are future Democrat voters.

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Because of the massive invasion, cities everywhere are becoming border cities. Homeless shelters, even in small towns, are being overrun by refugees and fake asylum-seekers. So are the food pantries. The services and resources that are meant for Americans are being given to the invading foreigners instead.

That includes housing. In Chicago, 16 employees of a hotel lost their jobs before the holidays because it’s being turned into a homeless shelter. According to NBC5 in Chicago, the boutique hotel off of the Magnificent Mile has become a city shelter. They say it’s not for “asylum-seekers” but that’s a laugh. Are they checking their race, ethnicity and prior residency? I doubt it.

Even if the shelter actually tries to home JUST the Chicago homeless and not foreigners, it had to be set up because all of the other shelters are housing illegal aliens and they are full.

This new city shelter is housing 116 people and will remain open for at least seven months, covering the harsh winter months. Don’t worry though – SOMEONE is going to have a job at the hotel as it’s reported that “It will be staffed by Equitable Social Solutions, a Kentucky-based company, according to the Illinois Secretary of State database.” If you click on the website, you will see it’s yet another Democrat enterprise profiting off of the illegal alien invasion. They create the problems and then they make money off of the problems. It’s a nice scam that they have going.