Under President Biden, the illegal immigration party continues as the Democrats invite more and more partygoers in every day.

The never-ending open border crisis, the INVASION, will not be stopped under President Biden – or any other Democrat. It’s what they want. Besides the chaos it brings, it also ushers in the demographic change they want in the country also known as the “Great Replacement Theory.”

Illegal immigration also brings (someday) a gargantuan plethora of new Democrat voters once the Dems give the the illegal aliens amnesty and allow them to vote. Then, the Dems believe, they will have power for a long long time – and make new laws to keep them in power even longer, the Constitution be damned.

Because of Biden’s blatant disregard for the American people, the 2024 election looks a lot like the 2016 election with Trump focusing on border security all over again.

Trump’s new campaign ad points out his continued focus on protecting our country by securing the border. It’s called “Burning Down” and in it, the narrator says, “Biden has created a violent threat right on our own back yard. Biden’s open border has opened the floodgates to record numbers, including terrorists, fentanyl traffickers and raises the possibility of a Hamas attack. President Trump had our border secured and he’ll do it again by building even more wall and stopping people from terrorist countries from ever entering.”

In a Nevada speech on Dec. 17th, Trump said he’d conduct the “largest deportation operation in America.” I’m sure there are many in America, including Blacks in Chicago and NYC neighborhoods overrun by asylum seekers, who will be happy to hear that.

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But I think that Trump would do even more – including shutting down the border crossings between America and Mexico until they stop letting the entire third world go through their country to get to us.

Because the border has gotten so bad, the Biden administration actually had to close off LEGAL border crossings recently because border officials couldn’t handle what was going on. But it was only temporary.

It appears, according to American Wire News, that things are back on track again thanks to a deal that Biden made with the Mexican government.

Biden, naturally sold us out, capitulating to Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who said, “The relationship with Biden is very good, and he is very respectful of us, of Mexico.”

Yes, of course. Biden is very respectful of Mexico, but not so much respectful of law- abiding citizens in America who don’t want crime, disease, drugs, human trafficking and a deluge of other problems coming into their neighborhoods – or their taxpayer dollars (billions) being spent on foreigners.

The only deal that Trump will undoubtedly make with Mexico when he’s president again would be to tell them to pound sand if they ask for any favors. My guess is that he would tell them that the border will be CLOSED. Closed indefinitely to everyone and everything until they stop letting illegal aliens get to America via Mexico.

Trump would reinstate the “Remain in Mexico” policy. Biden stopped it so that fake asylum seekers could flood into our country. And flood in they have. Since October 1st, we’ve seen a whopping 730,000 fake asylum seekers that have been encountered at the southern border – with more on the way. And you see what I do – they’re mostly young men, not families, women and children.

With Trump as president, those numbers will stop. So will the 15,000+ caravans like the one that’s on its way to the United States right now.

But right now, as we await a president who will no longer allow an invasion of our country, the illegal aliens keep arriving. More and more and more every day.

So many that no one pays attention anymore even when they hear the astronomical numbers and see the photos. We keep hearing words like “chaos” and “unmanageable” and “unprecedented” but it just don’t mean anything anymore – and it won’t until the problem shows up at YOUR door.

But that’s exactly what is happening now. The Democrats are letting SO many unvetted people into our country, that this problem WILL be at your door sooner than you think if it isn’t already.

Only a fool would vote for Biden for president in 2024 – or for any other Democrat candidate. When the security of our cities and country are no longer a priority for the Democrats, it’s time for the American people to vote them out of office.