The corruption in the White House is making people choose sides, and this war is turning hot.

FBI Director Christopher Wray was back in the hot seat, taking questions from GOP Senators demanding to know why the Hunter Biden investigation has been so unusual and unorthodox—or some would even say, corrupt!

We have known for a long time that the laptop story first reported by Miranda Divine at the New York Post was absolutely real and that Hunter’s computer was taken into custody by the FBI almost a year before the Post broke the story. And yet, the intel agencies hid behind lies about it being Russian disinformation—which they very quickly concluded it was not—but they remained silent on that very important fact—playing games, hiding behind a US Attorney and now Special Counsel David Weiss by saying “it’s an ongoing investigation.”

From where I stand, the actions of many people constitute serious crimes for lying about the facts of the case and keeping the truth from the American people.

I believe the FBI and other intel agencies knew long before the Post had the story that the laptop was very much real and had absolutely nothing to do with Russia.

During testimony on Capitol Hill, it sure felt like the walls were closing in on FBI Director Christopher Wray, with Senators Kennedy and Cruz grilling him on why the FBI couldn’t just publicly verify the validity of the laptop that was in their possession.

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You see, these Senators have grown tired and angry about getting the runaround. They are ready to demand the truth, and I can guarantee you that if they find themselves in the majority after next year’s election, these hearings will get a lot more serious.

And on the House side, the impeachment inquiry may soon become a full-blown impeachment.

You see, the facts keep spilling out—and as they do, more and more people are focusing on all the lies from the President, the White House, the administration, the news media, and a whole host of others involved in trying to cover up the ongoing Biden Family corruption.

As they said in Airplane, “The sheet’s about to hit the fan.”

Oh, and there was something else that came up for Director Wray to dodge questions about—Jeffrey Epstein.

Marsha Blackburn wanted to know why the FBI never really looked into any of the allegations. I’m curious too, but we never get real answers from these people anyway.