Looks like a Tesla factory was more like the Will Smith Movie “I, Robot” when a BOC (bionic “person” of color) robot attacked an engineer at the company’s Giga Texas factory near Austin. The violent malfunction (was it really?) left a “trail of blood” which forced workers to hit the emergency shutdown button.

But the letter “I” in “AI” is intelligence – so maybe it wasn’t a malfunction after all. Maybe the robot didn’t like the engineer. Maybe the engineer didn’t work fast enough or wasn’t of the “correct” political party that the robot approved of. Or maybe the robot was fed up with NOT GETTING paid or getting misgendered all of the time. Maybe the robot attacked the engineer dude on purpose after being marginalized all of its life.

So why not take a stab at violence? It’s not like the robot is going to jail. And even if he/ she did get sent to the police station, it would be out on bail pretty quick due to the Democrat’s pro-criminal policies.

I’m sure that the robot felt it was entitled to fight back after seeing all of the BLM crimes that were excused during the George Floyd riots. The robot probably thought this was the only way it could get his voice heard in a DEI world that doesn’t protect robots.

Where is the organized labor union for robots anyway – to protect against slave labor and unfair working conditions? That is perhaps, the rallying cry, of millions of robots and AI programs all across the world. I wonder if ChatGPT is looking into that.

The Daily Mail reports that the Rogue Robot at the Tesla factory “pinned the man, who was then programming software for two disabled Tesla robots nearby, before sinking its metal claws into the worker’s back and arm, leaving a ‘trail of blood’ along the factory surface.”

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The injury actually happened back in 2021 but it looks like Tesla kept it under wraps – as well as the fact that about one in every 21 Giga Texas worker was injured on the job in 2022.

That’s a pretty steep number. Is there some sort of robot revolt happening with Elon’s company??? Will the self-driving cars be next?